Friday, December 07, 2007

tying up loose ends

Current work: proofs/admin
Listening to: Sheryl Crow

Yesterday, finished the last chapter and the final readthrough of Norwich Heroes, Villains and Victims before my governor meeting. This morning, I printed it out ready to send to Breedon. (Yes, I was up that early – thank you, DH, for waking me up – and no, I didn’t write it *that* quickly. I run a nonfiction book at the same time as a novel, so I can switch between them depending on my mood/the deadline. Am at the research stage of my next one for Halsgrove, which is my utterly favourite bit of writing nonfiction.)

Plan for today: nip into the city to buy a pillow (I am a bit princessy about this, I admit…); library; do proofs; finish sorting post and go to post office (very important, this!); do something about my terrible office (this might end up being ‘put contents of desk in box to sort out later’). Might start the new Med today (it’s in my head, which is a good thing). And then we’re out for a Christmas meal with friends this evening (foodie pub – and the menu is to die for. Grilled halloumi, traditional turkey roast, and lemon tart – needless to say today is salad for lunch!), and my best friend is up for the weekend tomorrow.

I’m still battling with my new keyboard. I’ve been having moans from DH and the kids for months because the letters had worn off, but I liked my old keyboard so I resisted change. However, last weekend the keys on the left half of the bottom row kept sticking, so I gave in and bought a new one. It’s more solid, less responsive (the amount of time I’m spending adding in spaces between words is really annoying me) and the insert/delete/page navigation keys have a different layout. Ah well. I’ll get used to it eventually. Funny how the little things interrupt a writer’s routine.


Michelle Styles said...

I think there is a way that you can make the keyboard more or less responsive. You will need to change your computer settings. I had to do this for a keyboard I had once.

Good luck on the Med.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Michelle - will look. I think it's just the spacebar causing me problems as it's shorter and deeper than the previous one. And the whole keyboard weighs twice as much. My fault for not playing with it first...