Thursday, December 20, 2007

and a whoo-hoo moment

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: Diana Krall
Reading: whatever my cherub wants to hear

I did indeed end up reading a lot to cherub yesterday. But son has also gone down with it and they both insisted I join them on the sofa (complete with duvet) to watch Wallace and Gromit. Dog was not happy. He paced and paced and paced – then forced his way onto the sofa between son and me, glared at son and sat on my lap. (He’s used to having me to himself. And late in the evening he did the same thing – inserted himself between DH and me, then poked his paws into DH and stretched so that DH would move. Normally, he shadows DH, so it worries me a little that he’s suddenly gone clingy on me. Last time my dog did that, I had a week left with him. (That would be way too much for me to take at this time of year. Not because of Christmas, but because the teen days of Christmas seem to be when the horrible stuff happens.) Am pretty sure that Byron is fine and I am just being paranoid. He's probably just readjusting to the house being full during the day.

But I did have some really nice news yesterday. My lovely editor was really pleased with the revisions to the archaeologist book – so Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded will be on sale in the UK in September next year.

Today… hopefully the kids will sleep late and I can work straight through. Sainsbury’s delivery this morning (veg box arrived yesterday), and much playing of board games this afternoon; then (if littlest one is better) we’re going to see DH’s brother to drop off Christmas pressies.

I’m currently having this really mad idea: supposing my med duo runs concurrently rather than consecutively? Might be too ambitious… but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea.


Michelle Styles said...

I think two books running concurrently would be a lot of fun. Hard work, and you would have to have detailed time lines, but it would be doable.

It would be a challenge.

Jan Jones said...

Oooh, I love the idea of concurrent books. Also it means people have GOT to buy both!

And it's a pretty fine marketing idea too, not to mention something to drop into the conversation in all those radio interviews and Q&As..

India said...

Fantastic idea. Difficult, but fantastic and really exciting to read.

And, of course, you know that now you've thought of it you won't be able to leave the idea alone, no matter how mad it drives you! It's as good as done now-- and the really great thing for the rest of us is knowing that you'll do it brilliantly!

Kate Hardy said...

You lot are talking me into this, aren't you? I'm in book sale euphoria (shortly to be replaced by deadline panic) so I'm leaning towards doing this. And if I don't have at least some of it concurrently, then I'll have to have them running over two years so I get Christmas brides/babies (hmm... I could do a double wedding...)

Jen Black said...

I hope your dog is just a little jealous of not having your full attention. My dog used to push between us all the time, but she just wanted to be comfortable and have all the bed!...Happy Christmas

Melissa Marsh said...

Wallace and Gromit! Oh, how I love those two.

Hope your babies feel better soon.

Diane said...

Byron might be picking up your own feelings and moods this week. Try not to worry about him. I'm sure he's fine. Sometimes, though, I also think: Hmm, whassup with Tinker? She's being a bit clingy. But she's usually fine. So far.

Kate Hardy said...

Jen - it was more a case of "if I push between my mum and littlest one, littlest one will whinge. Bigger one will laugh and rub my tummy". :o) Happy Christmas to you, too.

Melissa - I love the humour, too. At the moment we're walking round saying, 'Cracking toast, Gromit!'

Diane - why didn't I think of that? Of course that's what it is. He's not being clingy - he thinks I need attention. Bless.