Monday, December 31, 2007

Ring in the new

Following on from ringing out the old, I think there’s room for improvement in 2008. (Note, O Slowing Down Police, I didn’t say ‘room for more work’. Am not being Bad Kate.) I want to work smarter. And the way to do this (lord, am I going to get some stick from some of my mates for this bit) is to achieve a much better work-life balance. I’ve already set the wheels in motion because I’ve given up the project management – that will take a lot of stress and time off me (not to mention giving me much more space in my office as I won’t have piles of proofs cluttering up the space behind my door).

Goals for this year:

Exercise. Goal: 10,000 steps a day (i.e. take dog for walk as soon as I get home, unless it’s raining in which case use the treadmill. Note to self, move guitar stand and guitar). This will also clear my head ready for work and I won’t get distracted playing Sudoku online. I could even use this as a bargaining tool: do the 10k steps and THEN I can play a game of Sudoku… (Lovely Rowan Mantell of the local newspaper – the Norwich Evening News – asked me about my resolutions and how long I think I’ll stick to them. I have to admit that my answer on exercise was ‘until it rains’, because the dog and I do not enjoy going out in the rain and getting wet – well, he doesn’t mind getting wet, but he doesn’t like the fact it means he has to dry off in the utility room, ON HIS OWN. Spaniels are very good at the ‘I am a poor, hard-done-by dog’ look.)

Weight management. This year, I’ve decided to go back to the tried and tested method of counting calories and writing things down to keep track of my eating/exercise habits. I have a lot of weight to lose (I want my BMI back down to 25) and a gradual, permanent shift is the best way to go. As a female I need an input of about 2,000 calories a day; if I reduce my intake by 250 calories a day and increase the output by 250 a day (aka exercise) = 500 calories a day = 3,500 calories a week = 1lb of blubber. Hardly rocket science, is it? I have a calorie/fat/carb book on order and a journal, so with that and the walking (with the pedometer to keep track) I should be able to do this. I also have support from my diet buddies (waves to Diane and Melissa) and am all fired up for starting afresh.

Writing. Aims: I already know my schedule this year, so the aim this year is to merge my ‘Modern Heat voice’ and ‘Medical Romance voice’ and grow my ‘brand’ (aka hot weepies with a real-world, warm feel to them). I also have a project I really want to work on this year, and to sell another local history book by the end of the year.

So what are your resolutions for this year? And how long do you think you’ll stick to them?

I wish you all health, happiness and fulfilment for 2008. Happy New Year!


Ray-Anne said...

And the same to you!
Sounds like you have a realistic program for the year which is still flexible enough to accomodate life.
I am mega impressed.
LOL - have a lovely evening.

Diane said...

Yes, I'm with Ray-Anne. This looks like a nice, manageable programme, which should in its turn spur you on to do even more. Keep notes, and good luck with everything.

India said...

Happy New Year Kate!

I like your idea of goals rather than resolutions... It doesn't sound quite so scary. I guess mine will all kind of focus on organisation... (when I get round to making some..!)

Michelle Styles said...

Good for you!!!!

Have a happy New Year

Debs said...

I like your goals. Well, I certainly need to exercise more, eat less and work hard at my writing. I'm looking forward to 2008, I think it should be fun!

Jan Jones said...

Wishing you a brilliant 2008, Kate. I'm absolutely certain that with proper time management you can achieve everything you set your heart on. You just need to practise saying that little word more often. You know, the one which starts with n and ends with o.

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - I hope it's realistic and flexible... last year's wasn't! Hope you had a good evening, too.

Diane - thanks. You, too (your list is much scarier than mine).

India - yep, goals can be broken down into baby steps.

Michelle - thanks. Hope yours was good too.

Debs - fun is a great goal to have :o)

Jan - hope yours is brilliant, too. Time management, yes; using that little word... I think I need a new dictionary :o)