Friday, December 14, 2007

A bit of fun

Current work: Medical Christmas Duo
Listening to: Christmas compilation

Loved the nativity yesterday. Also had a couple of fairly long and very enjoyable phone conversations (I’m being amazingly sociable at the moment, considering it’s not my favourite time of year). And one with my publisher about the copyediting (and yes, I was good, I stuck to my guns. No more project management, but I will do the occasional bit of straight copyediting… which I enjoy doing and I think I’d miss it too much if I gave it up completely, but this is the stress-free version where I get to put sticky notes everywhere with queries to author and don’t have to follow them up and nag until I get the answers).

Madam thoroughly enjoyed ice-skating; meanwhile DH and I took son out for a spot of last-minute shopping (and now I have lots of Christmas sheet music) and out for tea. Actually, I’m surprised I was allowed to go shopping as my credit card bill arrived yesterday and I have blown the Christmas budget, big time. Oops. Luckily I have royalties on the way. Anyway. ’Tis paid. Also picked up fabric swatches and everyone in the house agrees with me on the fabric for new sofas. Now to make DH help me measure the sofas so we can check the sizes and choose between my shortlist (M&S has a good deal on furniture so I’m planning to order this week and make the most of it.)

Took the evening off (yes, REALLY). And no, I didn’t peek in the bags DH bought yesterday – he and son were bubbling about having found me a brilliant pressie, and as they left me in Jarrolds’ book shop while they went into the kitchen shop, I am highly intrigued. They are not telling Madam, as she is notoriously unable to keep secrets, so I have ten days to wait. (Yes, ten – DH and I open our presents at midnight on Christmas Eve with a glass of champagne while the children are in bed, so we get to enjoy our gifts. Dog is allowed one of his, too.)

DH found a couple of things on YouTube that amused us both highly. And one of them I really want to share because I like it so much.


(And I really AM working today. I am not messing about on the Internet looking up Venetian masked balls. Honest, guv.)

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