Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Current work: (bangs head against desk)
Listening to: Ella Fitzgerald
Reading: (hollow laugh)

I forgot to mention what else I did at the weekend. Firstly, I ordered some ‘return address’ labels. This was after a row with our horrible temporary postie (not my normal posties, who are very nice men and excellent at their job). Thing is, if I’m paying £5 to send books to America, I want them to go to America. Not to return to me. And when the parcel was delivered to me on Saturday morning for the THIRD time that week… Sigh.

And then – because a couple of things I can’t blog about here really stuffed up our weekend – during the three minutes when I did actually manage to see my husband on Sunday, I got him to measure furniture and choose from my shortlist so I could take advantage of the sale and order it. So hopefully in about six weeks we’ll have comfortable furniture again. (The current lot isn’t particularly old. Just the quality wasn’t what we thought it would be, and it’s looked tatty and felt uncomfortable since the week after it was out of guarantee.)

My pillow also arrived. DH agreed to let me have it early, and it’s luvverly. Nice and soft and I can’t feel/hear the feathers. (Yes, it’s possible to hear feathers - if they scrape against each other. Like the noise of scrunched/turned paper, it manages to penetrate my bad hearing and drives me bananas. It’s the pitch rather than the volume.)

Yesterday… well, I was full of good intentions. And then school phoned. Madam has the lurgy. So I had to go and pick her up early. Although she perked up a bit last night, I don’t think she’ll be back this term. So I foresee lots of cuddles and stories today, and not very much work being done (JUST as my heroine was actually talking to me… arrgh). Means I have to cancel guitar, too. Sigh. Better now than Christmas, but…


Jan Jones said...

Sorry about w/e and the lurgy, Kate. here's hoping it's all sorted by this time next week.


This time next week. Eeek!

Nell said...

Hope your daughter is better soon. The children get so tired this time of year with everything thats going on and then they pick up all kinds of bugs.