Wednesday, December 12, 2007

on a cold and frosty morning…

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Very pretty trip to school this morning – the sky was pale pink, and the rose-gold rays of the rising sun lit frosty bare branches, with a backdrop of mist rising from the river. And in the background, Chris de Burgh was softly singing his spaceman’s song…

Needless to say, at minus 2 degrees C (when we left), the minor roads around here were not pleasant. We left ten minutes earlier and went the long way so I could avoid the skid-pan hill where I had a nasty moment yesterday. The kids know the drill: if it’s icy, we go through Taverham. Interestingly, on these mornings they don’t mess about: they get dressed, have their breakfast and are ready on the dot (as opposed to reading in bed instead and having to be told three times to get up; taking ages to choose what to have for breakfast; and taking even longer to find where they put last night’s homework etc).

Nice day ahead today – Christmas lunch with Jo and Sarah. Madam is also having her Christmas lunch at school (but asked if she could gatecrash mine. Er, no). And this morning I need to catch up with the book. The beginning has changed completely, so I'm off to research Venetian masks. (Yes, this is a Medical romance. But I'm happier when my characters are making demands - it means they're living on the page rather than being two-dimensional.)

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Melissa Marsh said...

My kids are pretty good about getting up for school - although my daughter would sleep until noon every day if I let her!