Thursday, December 27, 2007

settling down at the end of the year

Current work: Med duo
Listening to: all sorts of soft jazz today (with my dad)
Reading: Christina Jones, Heaven Sent (thoroughly enjoyed it – my Seeing Stars was about pyrotechnics so it was a theme I really liked – plus she has these lovely warm characters and it was so nice to see characters from some of her earlier books reappearing)

Christmas started very early for us. Bearing in mind we’d stayed up until midnight… at six, we had a small child thundering through. ‘Wake up! Wake up! Father Christmas has been, Father Christmas has been!’ (Actually, what was funnier was the night before, when I crept upstairs with full stockings and son’s door started to open and his fingers were visible in ‘pounce on the goodies’ mode. Being mean, I made him wait... because I didn’t put his stocking back on the door until he went to sleep.)

Plus the turkey had to go on at 7 in order to be ready for lunch, so we had to give in. Dog was bouncing around, wanting to know how many doggy stockings he had and if he could snaffle any of the chocs. So it was a tad overexcited…

DH had bought me the DVD of Casino Royale (yeah, yeah, so I’m a little behind); while the kids were busy doing art and crafty stuff we chilled out with the film and a glass of wine. I can see exactly why people are calling Daniel Craig the best Bond ever – much more ‘rounded’ than previous Bonds, and his eyes are stunning. (And yes, the shower scene... fabulous.)

Highlight of the day for son was Dr Who. He will no doubt be ecstatic tomorrow evening at the panto, as Colin Baker and Terry Molloy are starring in Dick Whittington.

Today: DH and daughter are hitting the sales (and I had kittens when I saw that M&S had 50% off their furniture… luckily, the one that I ordered has 30% off, the same as it was when I ordered it, or I would be in trouble). Meanwhile, son and I are going to pick up my dad as he’s spending the day here while my stepmum’s away. (I have promised him salmon and George Shearing.)


Amy Andrews said...

Kate please tell me you ate too much bad stuff too and can already feel the fat cells multiplying?

No? Just me then....
Why does food taste sooooo good?

Amy Andrews said...

Me again.
Why can't I be like my husband who can eat anything? Who only has to give up coffee on milk and have the weight drop off?

Going now....

Ray-Anne said...

Santa came to our house TOO!!!
The children must have been so thrilled.
Hope you have a lovely day and keep the Christmas spirit just a little longer.
LOL Ray-Anne

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - course I did. And I can. And I really had to nerve myself to get on the scales today (that was more to stop me pigging out over new year). ... and somehow I lost 3lbs. That's since the last time I weighed myself (3 weeks ago, when I'd put on 3 lbs), but I have been eating all sort of bad things. Chocolate. Brie. Coffee ice cream.

And my husband is like yours. Sigh.

New Year. We will do this.

Ray-Anne - :o) They were. Hope you had a lovely Christmas too.

Jan Jones said...

Mine are now 18 and 22 which means they go to bed late. This year I took the stockings upstairs at half past midnight (having put turkey in bottom of Aga to cook overnight - sneaky, eh?) and said, "Santa left these, but he couldn't stop. See you in the morning."

Amy Andrews said...

Oh wow - you got on the scales. I'm impressed. Me and my scales keep a very healthy distance from each other. Last time I weighed myself was probably the last time I was at the Docs having the usual 2 yearly stuff done. And it was only becasue she insisted I get on. I tried to convince her there was no need. We both knew it wasn't going to be pretty.
Sigh....I can feel a resolution coming on.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - that's sneaky on both counts.

Amy - it took a lot of bravery :o) But I was expecting a 7lb gain. I bet that's hiding itself until Monday, just to throw me off balance...