Wednesday, December 19, 2007

counting one’s blessings

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Today is a day when I’m counting my blessings. It’s actually not a good day for me as it’s the anniversary of my mum’s death (and from this year my life has had more of these anniversaries than not), but I’m trying really, really hard to put a smile on my face. I was privileged to have a really fantastic, inspirational mother (even if it wasn’t for anywhere near long enough), and I hope that I’ve inherited some of her good qualities and will pass them on to my children. (Sadly, I didn’t inherit her patience… and at the age of 41 I don’t somehow think I’m going to learn it.)

Anyway. My blessings. I have a wonderful husband, two fabulous children, and a soppy (albeit smelly) spaniel. I’m doing the job I love; the house has been remodelled so it’s just right for us; and I’m healthy. I’m lucky to have so much. I’ve worked hard for it, but I’ve also been really lucky in my family and friends when it comes to support – Chrissy and Rich, my favourite uncle and aunt, are particularly brilliant. (Sure, there are those who are the complete opposite, but every family has its less pleasant members. The trick is finding a way to deal with the situation.)

Very nice post yesterday. Apart from a pile of cards and the contract for the nonfiction I’m working on right now (as in alongside my fiction, of course), I seem to have what feels like books and chocolates that I wasn’t expecting (yes, this lack of patience thing means that I am a present groper).

Also had my remaining Christmas shopping delivered, and an antiquarian book I bought at the weekend; it’s a little bit on the spotty side inside, but I can live with that. DH’s first reaction on seeing the parcels was, ‘Are any of those NOT books?’ Ha. I haven’t bought a book since… um, Sunday. I also got the little extra gift for buying DH a year’s subs to Mojo (apart from the fact that Mojo sent it to me, not him, as purchaser of said subs, he agreed up front that it was mine, because I was going to buy it anyway; I'll make it up to him with more Pete Ham stuff after Christmas) and the clarity of sound on Mothership is stunning, even on headphones. Took me right back to being a teenager and the first time I heard ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You.’ Superb.

Spent yesterday playing games with Madam: Boggle (she’s getting the hang of it, but we’re playing joint rather than competitive), Tetris and Guess Who. Today will doubtless be more of the same. Bless her, she really isn’t well (high temperature, headache and sore throat – along with about 10% of the school), and she just wants her mum around. And right now I know that feeling, so I’m not going to fob her off with a film so I can work. I can always chug down some coffee and catch up tonight. Today she’s getting the cuddles.


Ray-Anne said...

I think you are allowed to be a 'present groper' now and then.
Hugs on the anniversary. Yes, you are quite right, we do not always look to out blessings, and we should.
I am ashamed to say that I have never heard of any of those three games, so thank you for that. Boggle looks a little like Scrabble. Is that right?
Hope you and the poorly little girl have a great special day together.
PS. Mr Ray-Anne has the sore throat, headache and now the streaming nose. It is contagious?

India said...

A lovely, and timely, post Kate. I've been caught in such a headspin for weeks I needed to be reminded to just stop and appreciate. Thanks.

Thinking of you today-- and I hope little C is better soon, though I'm glad you have a chance for a day of quiet cuddles with her today. xx

(Hope Mr Ray-Anne gets better soon too... there's nothing so miserable as a man with a cold!!)

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - I am always bad when it comes to presents ;o) Thanks for the hug.

Boggle is where you have to make words from adjacent letters in the space of 3 minutes; normally I have to play it solitaire so it's great I finally have someone in the house to play with.

Hope Mr Ray-Anne feels better soon. It's been contagious at school so I hope you manage to stave it off. (And if I were really evil, I'd say go and take a look here on YouTube...)

India - she's on the mend, ta. Just very clingy (and the dog is NOT pleased at having to share me. He's been worming in between me and the kids.)

Diane said...

HUGS, as ever, for today - and for every day it hurts this much.

Melissa Marsh said...

Hugs to you, Kate, for the anniversary and the sick child. It's always so hard when they're not feeling well.

Ray-Anne said...

Not so very evil - and yes, of course I had to go and watch.
Mr Ray-Anne has had this pestilence for a week, and is now at the flaky nose and upper lip stage but feeling a lot better, thank you ladies.
So far I feel fine. Fingers and toes crossed. There are some benefits to being a recluse - no contact with the contagious diseased/kiddies.
Hope your littlies do not have to suffer a full week.
Take care all, Ray-Anne

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - thanks. Hugs to you, too, as it's been difficult for you as well this month.

Melissa - thanks. They're on the mend now.

Ray-Anne - it just seemed appropriate... :o) Glad he's feeling better. Madam's headache and tummyache have disappeared and she's perkier (though still on calpol as her temp is still up - lower than yesterday, though).