Monday, September 17, 2012

50th party blog guest - Robyn Grady

I’ve known Robyn Grady for years – again through email loops – and we just clicked. Even though she’s incredibly glamorous (yes, you are, Robbie) and I’m a scruff, we’re friends and when we do eventually get to meet we’ll end up talking too much and laughing too much :o) Plus she writes great books, she’s really supportive and always there if you need to bounce an idea because you’ve written yourself into a corner.

Anyway, over to Robbie:

Having fifty stories published with one house is an outstanding achievement! I’ll admit here to reading - and enjoying - many of them. In fact, years ago when I set my heart on being published with Harlequin, one author’s work I focused on and analysed was our Kate’s. I’d ask myself: How does she manage to evoke such a high degree of emotion? What is it about her characters and their situations that touch me again and again?

Certainly, reading enjoyment is a subjective pursuit. Authors write for their audience...those readers who find a connection with their voice, with their themes, settings…and very possibly something more.
I’ve had the privilege of calling Kate a friend these past years. Although we’ve never met face-to-face, I know when we do, we’ll hug and chat on and joke as we do on line. You see, I not only “get” Kate’s writing and her books. I also value her energy, her creativity, her family first attitude. Most of all I admire her kindnesses toward others.

I believe one of the many reasons she’s such a successful author is because that compassionate part of her shines through to her characters and their stories. I believe that’s one of the reasons I always look forward to reading her books. And why others do too.

Kate, congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone! I look forward to enjoying many more Kate Hardy stories. Fifty and counting ☺

I'm giving away a signed copy of The Best Love Stories of 2012 - five stories from Barbara Hannay, Leonie Knight, Anne Oliver, Sarah Mayberry and myself. To be in the draw, simply tell me about someone whose kindness has made a difference in your life, or the lives of others.

You can contact Robyn on Twitter @robyngrady, Facebook at AuthorRobynGrady or her website


Kate Hardy said...

Well, the guy who sorted out table reservations for customers at Frankie & Benny's in Norwich last night made a big difference to me. I'd had a rotten journey home (cancelled trains, unhelpful staff, total lack of communication by train company) and was really hungry, and we were going to have a 20-minute wait for a table (as walk-in customers). He arranged to get me some garlic bread while we were sitting at the bar, to tide me over until dinner. I really appreciated that kindness (and have contacted the company's head office today to tell them their staff go that extra mile and how much it's appreciated).

Robyn Grady said...

I love when people understand and help out. I had 30 minutes to have lunch with a special someone I hadn't seen in a while. The lovely waitress said there were a few people that had ordered ahead of us, but she'd push our orders forward. Could have hugged her!
Frankie and Benny's...sounds cute!

Kate Hardy said...

Your waitress sounds lovely, Robbie. F&B's is great - Italian-American (New York type) food :)

Laney4 said...

Hello, Robyn!
We really must stop meeting like this - NOT! LOL.
My first thought was of a woman for whom I babysat back in the mid seventies. She had an electronic typewriter (unheard of in those days) that she allowed me to use when her kids were sleeping. I became a secretary after graduation, but she insisted on being one of my references, and I know I got my first few jobs because of that, as she knew lots and lots of people in her line of work. One of those jobs led to me meeting my now-husband of 31 years. You can't underestimate the power of "networking", even though there was no such word back in those days!

Eli Yanti said...

Hi Robyn,

I love the guy on your cover book

I think my grandmom who has change me to be more better person in my life :)

Robyn Grady said...

Hey Laney! I get around, huh LOL
That lady sounds wonderful. You never forget someone like that. And I remember how impressed I was when electric typewriters came out. No tired pinkies!
I got my first clerical job because my auntie put my name forward to a past employer of hers. This year I helped get my nephew a job. Felt good =)

Robyn Grady said...

Eli, that's beautiful! Grandma's are so special. I remember mine playing "Trouble" with me for what seemed like hours when I was young. By the time she died she had a clutch of great-grandchildren too and she never ever forgot anyone's birthday. I still have the card she and my Grandpa gave me on my 4th birthday. Very kind lady - like yours =)

Desere said...

Hi Robyn!

The kindess of any person that is kind to animals,old folk and kids are the ones to me that make a difference in my life as it shows me that there are still good people out there ,who will not turn a cold shoulder. And also my late grandmother was the kindest person I knew ,she passed away in April this year,she no matter what would do anything to help you simply because she loved anyone and everyone.

Thank you for the really lovely giveaway the book sounds absolutely amazing !

Maria Mohan said...

I have this wonderful online adopted brother. I'm a foreigner living in India, married to an Indian. Unlike Indian women, I've no kin of my own in this country. Now, Indian women have this custom of tying an amulet known as a rakhi on the wrists of their brothers on a day of the year known as Raksha Bandhan. This is a sign of the bond between them. The nice thing is, you can actually tie a rakhi on any man of your choice and if he accepts, he becomes your brother. I started blogging when my youngest went to school and I found a very nice Indian gentleman who enjoys my blog posts as I enjoy his. One day, in the comment box, I called him 'bhai' (which means brother) and offered to tie a rakhi on him whenever we meet. In his next blog post, he accepted me as his sister and I ended up sending the rakhi by courier. It's such a nice relationship. We speak on the phone regularly, he looks out for me and advises me about various cultural pitfalls and as we have a lot of reading tastes in common, we often exchange books. His just being a brother for me has made a huge difference in my life. I send him the rakhi every year on Raksha Bandhan.

We haven't met yet but I'm sure we will someday.

Robyn Grady said...

Hey Desere! I'm in total agreement. Gives me warm and fuzzies when I see people being kind to animals and kiddies. And the opportunities are there every day =)
You have my vote for grandmothers too. I never heard my grandmother raise her voice. My mum says that, when she was a child, if ever Grandma was angry with any of her children, she'd just give a small frown which was enough to guilt them out. She died in April too, but in 1997. Can't believe it was that long ago.

Natalija said...

What a lovely post! I guess it's a wonderful feeling to discover that someone thinks so highly of you :) Both ladies are wonderful authors & much of that you can be seen in their books. Regarding kindness in my life ... In my case its, actually, more than one person. I come from a country where people are described as cool & reserved. And when I moved to Italy I was blown away how different Italians are: they are warm, they are helpful, generous & kind. I learned so much from them: how to be kind on a daily basis, how to improve my own mood & someone's day, maybe, by simply being kind & helpful and expressing your positive feelings.

Caroline said...

Lovely blog Robyn. My mother-in-law was a very kind lady. She made a real impact on me. It was a sad day last year when she died of cancer. We all miss her terribly. Caroline x

bn100 said...

A teacher's kindness was important in school.

Sharon Archer said...

Hi Robyn and Kate!
I thoroughly enjoy your post and the comments you've had so far! What a great opportunity to talk about the kindnesses that brighten our lives!

I still remember one particular time, many many years ago, when I found myself in a small Outback town a long, long way from home and strapped for transport and money. I needed to catch the bus to Melbourne but didn't have enough cash for the fare. The bus driver let me travel at a student price, bless him. I learned a few lessons from that experience!

PS don't put me in the draw, Robyn - I already have the book and someone is in for a fab read!

Robyn Grady said...

Maria, that's such a lovely story! I always like to make someone feel at home in a new neighborhood or school - but a new country is a whole different matter! Great you have someone to help and guide you there. And what a lovely custom!

Robyn Grady said...

Hey Natalija! Thank you so much for those kind words =)
I am *so* going to Italy one day! I've heard all about their friendly nature and the Italians I know certainly support that.

Robyn Grady said...

Caroline, how wonderful to have a kind MIL. There is nothing better than being welcomed into a family, feeling as if you're a daughter and a friend. Sounds as if she was dearly loved and appreciated.

Robyn Grady said...

Bn, I so agree with you! I had a horrible English teacher in highschool. Made me give up on myself in that subject. My business teacher, on the other hand, was a wonderful giving patient person. Needless to say I excelled in typing and shorthand!

Robyn Grady said...

Hey Sharon! Oh, what a wonderful bus driver! That's the sort of kindness that seems to fall out of heaven when we most need it. Bet that started your love affair with travelling around Austalia and taking all those fabulous photos!
Thanks for dropping in =*)

Aline Tobing said...

Hi Robyn and Kate!

Hmm, lots of people showed kindness to me but someone whose kindness has made a difference in my life is my mother. The love and kindness she gave me every single day is priceless.

I have to admit, sometimes I'm not being a daughter whom she could be proud of but she never cease to amaze me with her love and support. Moms are the best! :)

marybelle said...

My Mother came immediately to mind. A strong, intelligent woman with a heart of gold. There is nothing fiercer than a Mother protecting her young, or gentler either.

Kate Hardy said...

First name drawn from the hat for ‘The Best Love Stories of 2012’ – Caroline Storer. Please contact me kate(dot)hardy(at)btinternet(dot)com with your details, and I'll get everything sorted :o) Thanks for taking part!