Saturday, September 15, 2012

50th party blog guest - Aimee Carson

I’ve known Aimee since she sold her first Modern Heat (aka Riva/Kiss), and I’m still slightly in awe of how much she juggles (not just writing and kids, as I do – she also has a proper job, and a tough one too as a doctor – and it’s in Alaska, a place I so want to visit. Yes, I have grilled her about the Northern Lights and glaciers). Aimee’s great fun and she also writes great books – fun, fresh and very hot!

Over to Aimee:

Thanks so much for having me here today, Kate. Wow, fifty books. This is an accomplishment truly worthy of a celebration!

I love the writing community, and Kate has always been wonderfully supportive. She was incredibly welcoming when I first sold to the Riva line, and since then she’s enthusiastically celebrated my successes. Even more importantly, she has been readily available to offer cyber hugs and words of wisdom when things didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped. Just like relationships, the life of an author has its ups and downs, and sometimes the rollercoaster ride can really get to you. It helps to have someone like Kate beside you, “holding” your hand when the steep, downhill plummets get a little hairy : )

Community is important. It can be a valuable source of support, or, if you’re really unlucky, a source of judgment. In my upcoming Riva release, THE BEST MISTAKE OF HER LIFE, Kate Anderson is painfully aware of this fact. She grew up in a powerful political family. As the daughter of politician, and the ex-wife of one as well, she’s lived in the spotlight her entire life. And while she’s used to the lifestyle, by the time Memphis Jackson returns to her life, she’s beyond-ready to fly under the radar. Especially after having recently suffered through a very public divorce, a turn of events about which everyone in the community seems to have an opinion…

Here’s a sneak peek:

A fake date with her brother’s wild best friend… What could possibly go wrong? High-flying, high-profile, ex-prom queen and now ex-wife, Kate Anderson has her school reunion and she just can’t face it alone.

Hot-shot stuntman, and her twin brother’s best friend, Memphis James is a dangerous option. Their breathtaking, sizzling hot chemistry makes him the perfect companion, but a far greater concern is their scorching shared past. Every turn Kate takes makes it seem like the wheels are falling off her once oh-so-sorted life. Should she flee the
scene, or free-fall into the wildest fling of her life?

Look for The Best Mistake Of Her Life available September 1st from Mills; Boon. You can find Aimee at:
Twitter: @aimeecarsonmb


Desere said...

Very interesting post I liked reading it,thank you for sharing with us.

Eli Yanti said...

nice post, how lucky you have a wonderful friendship with kate :)

and the best mistake of her life sounds great :)

bn100 said...

Nice post. The book sounds good.

Caroline said...

Love the new Riva covers - they look so "now". Sorry for the late posting as I've been internetless for a few days. Most annoying! Caroline x

Sharon Archer said...

Aimee, your latest release sounds like a great read and it has such a fabulous flirty cover!

Like Kate, I'm in awe of your juggling - writing and children and a demanding career as a doctor! I'd love to hear some of your stories about Alaska - it's a place that's always fascinated me!