Monday, September 10, 2012

50th party blog guest - Jackie Braun

Jackie Braun is another new friend from the Romance/Cherish line, and I’ve enjoyed her books for a long time (they make me cry!). It’s been great to get to know her better, and she’s another who fits my theory that romance writers are like their books (i.e. warm-hearted and lovely).

Over to Jackie:

Every writer should have a mascot. I say this even though I’ve been published for more than a decade and only recently acquired one. His name is Harley. Yep, that’s short for Harlequin. He’s an adorable stuffed monkey, and he sits on a chair in my office, no doubt wondering, much like my editor must be, when I am going to turn in my next book. (It’s coming soon. Honest.)

Harley arrived on my doorstep in an enormous basket of flowers that fellow Harlequin Romance writers sent a few days before I had surgery in mid-June. It was a lovely surprise from a lovely bunch of women, some of whom I’ve never met in person, but who I have come to know quite well online. And it certainly boosted my spirits, both before I went into the hospital and after I got home.

HR writers live all over the world, but through email I was able to thank them and send them a photo of the bouquet within a few minutes of receiving it. Ah, the power of technology.

Indeed, the Internet is an amazing resource for writers. I say this even though I once loved going to the library and meticulously combing through books. But now that sort of time-consuming research can be accomplished with a few clicks of the mouse.

For instance, when I needed jewelry inspiration for my current release, IF THE RING FITS …, I hit up Google and, voila, I found the perfect gemstones for Rachel’s designs. Likewise, when I needed an estate worthy of my hero, Tony, and ideas for some sexy European locales, I hit online real estate advertisements and took virtual tours.

In addition to making research a breeze, one of the things I love most about the Internet is the way it has created online communities where writers can “hang out” talking shop or, as is often the case with those of us who write for Harlequin Romance, talking about life in general. We not only celebrate one another’s career milestones, such as Kate Hardy’s 50th book (!), but our personal milestones. And we are there when for one another when life hands out lemons, such as my recent surgery. (Happy to report I am fine and fully recovered now!)

The Internet allows us to connect with readers, too. You visit our blogs, websites and facebook pages, and read our tweets. Through all of this, I hope you get a sense of who we really are: Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Wives. Friends. And, finally, women who love to write about romance every bit as much as you love to read about it.

My sincerest congratulations to the amazing Kate on her astonishing accomplishment of 50 books. Oh, and Harley sends his congratulations, too.

Jackie Braun’s book, IF THE RING FITS … is out now. Leave a comment to enter for a chance to win an autographed copy.

You can find Jackie online at,, and

About the book:

Practical Rachel Palmer's aversion to risk-taking led to a marriage that just didn't fit. Now single again, she's embracing her newfound independence—and the first step is taking her jewelry business worldwide! For that she needs expert help from Italian Antonio Salerno….

His business help soon turns personal. And being in close-enough-to-kiss proximity to a sexy playboy makes Rachel feel she's taking a flying leap into deliciously risky territory. It's everything she's been craving…but this is a man famous for loving and leaving. Surely falling for him would be a step too far?


Liz Fielding said...

Harley is just so sweet, Jackie. And has great taste in reading!

Pamela Hartshorne said...

Yes indeed, what a cheerful face Harley has! And although you are so right about the handiness of the internet, Jackie, I loved the glimpse of a stacked bookshelf behind him.

Annie West said...

Jackie, what an excellent friend to have!

Donna Alward said...

Jackie - your post was just as warm as your books and YOU. Meeting you in New York was one of the very best things about that conference. Even though we've known each other on the loop, it was one of those come away feeling like I'm so glad I met this person things. Love you!

Laney4 said...

"(Happy to report I am fine and fully recovered now!)"
Glad to read that. Here's to continued good health!

PrincessFiona01 said...

ARe we there yet. You are having so many great authors on the blog, I don't want to miss any of them. But this eternal partying is exhausting. Not that I'm an introvert.
Congrats Jackie on another great looking story.

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely to have you here, Jackie - and Harley is great! (Liz, Pam, Annie, Donna - absolutely.) Laney, 100% with you. Fiona - sorry to exhaust you (am I boring you, too? Hope not) and we are over halfway there. But 50 books = 50 or so authors to party with... :) (And in fact four of them have commented today, one of whom still has a slot to come!)

Natalija said...

I love Jackie's books! My favorite has to be "Boardroom Baby Surprise". Since I live in Italy, I'm always quite curious about how others see Italians, therefore I'm looking forward to reading this book :)

Caroline said...

Harley is so cute! Congratulations on your latest book Jackie. Although I'm unpubbed at the moment (I live in hope!) I have to agree that romance writers are so generous in supporting each other. Besides, IMHO you just 8can't* be a nasty person and write warm hearted romances! Caroline x

bn100 said...

Very nice post.

Eli Yanti said...

i love that pic, cute harley :)

Anonymous said...

love your doll:). I think harley is just so sweet!:)

Desere said...

What a delightful post thank you for sharing with us! Harley is just too sweet for words! Thank you for the lovely giveaway !

Kate Hardy said...

First name drawn from the hat for ‘If the Ring Fits – Natalija. Please contact me kate(dot)hardy(at)btinternet(dot)com with your details, and I'll get everything sorted :o) Thanks for taking part!