Wednesday, September 05, 2012

50th party blog guest - Kimberly Lang

I’ve known Kimberly Lang since she sold her first Modern Heat (aka Riva/Kiss). Kim’s great – she can always make me laugh, for all the right reasons, and I love her Southern accent (I haven’t met her in person yet, but I’ve been privy to some TV interviews – she’s far braver than I am!). Plus she’s one of the few people I can talk to about grammar and not feel like a total nerd, because Kim gets it and sniggers with me over the nerdy Facebook jokes. (Julie Cohen is another of that gang, and you’ll get to meet her a bit later.)

Over to Kim:

Hi everyone!

I’m so pleased to be a part of Kate’s celebration. Fifty books! I’m both awed and inspired. I’m a little jealous, too. I mean, fifty books! That’s one hell of a milestone. I bow to your greatness, Kate. May you write fifty more!
If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably already know that Kate is a really super lady. I assure you that’s not just her online persona. She really is that nice. When I sold in 2008, Kate was one of the first to welcome me to the M&B family, and she’s been a constant source of inspiration, information and commiseration – and we’re both grammar geeks, so there’s that, too. ~grin~

While Kate and I have been chatting online for years now, I’ve never gotten to meet her in person. But that will change shortly! In nine days, I’ll be attending my very first AMBA luncheon in London, and I’ll get to actually hug her – instead of just typing (((hugs))).

And we’ll definitely toast those fifty books while I’m there. The champagne is on me, Kate.

I’m doing a little bit of celebrating myself. What Happens In Vegas…, the follow up to The Millionaire’s Misbehaving Mistress, is finally available in North America this month! UK and Aussie readers got this story in 2010, but scheduling issues kept it out of the US until now. I know I should love all my book children equally, but Evie just holds a special place in my heart, and I’m so glad this book is finally going to be on the shelves here. (And if I can brag for a moment, I’m not the only one who loves Evie. What Happens In Vegas… won both the HOLT Medallion and the Maggie award for short contemporary, and got me my very first 4 ½ star review from RT Booklovers. I’m very proud!)

So, to celebrate Kate’s 50th and my 9th release, I’m giving away a copy of What Happens In Vegas… (or another from my backlist – winner’s choice.) Here’s the blurb:

What happens in Vegas…

Southern belle Evie Harrison has learnt to disguise her rebelliousness and be ladylike at all times. But ladies are certainly not supposed to get pregnant from one sinful night with a drop-dead gorgeous stranger!

…is supposed to stay in Vegas!

Evie’s scandalous baby bombshell and the dangerously attractive billionaire Nick Rocco are tantalising gossip-column fodder that could ruin the Harrison family—even a shotgun marriage is better than an illegitimate heir. So Evie says, ‘I do,’ preparing herself for a wedding night more explosive than she dares imagine…

You can read an excerpt here:

You can find out more about Kimberly at her website
Or talk to her on Facebook at
Or follow her on Twitter @BooksByKimberly


Laney4 said...

Hey there, Kimberly! I'm so glad that Kate included you in her party! I read some of your books years ago (before I kept track for blogging purposes), so I know I haven't read Evie and Nick's story yet (but would love to!). Thank you for sharing in Kate's celebration, and thank you for continuing to write your own books! I'm looking forward to checking out your web site and "keeping up with you" now. (Squee!)

bn100 said...

Nice post. Have fun in London!

Caroline said...

Great blog Kimberley! It's on my wish list to meet Kate in person one day soon as well ;O) Caroline x

Sarah Morgan said...

I am one of the ones lucky enough to have met you Kimberly! In fact I have a lovely photo of you taken in California :) I had no idea you were going to AMBA so hopefully I will see you again then - yay! Safe travels.

Sonali said...

Hi Kate, Kimberly,

Kate, Congratulations on your 50th Book Release. WOW. I have read quite a bit of your back list and looking forward to reading many more upcoming releases.

Kimberly,I have read the Millionaires Misbehaving Mistress - loved it. Looking forward to reading "What Happens in Vegas".

Have fun at AMBA.

robertsonreads said...

Hi ladies,
I've read books that you both have published and enjoyed them. I met Kimberly several years ago, along with Lynn Raye Harris, when both came to a book sighing in McCalla, AL. Both ladies are fun and very gracious. I hope you have a wonderful time at AMBA.
Kate - come see us in the South, and we will fix you a glass iced tea.

Kimberly Lang said...

So sorry I'm late, y'all!

Big hugs to Kate, and I'm already packed for London! And Sarah will be there too! Awesome.

Great to meet you, Caroline. I'll let you know what she's really like in person...

Laney4 and Sonali-- let me know how y'all like Evie's story.

Ginger, we really do need to get Kate down here, don't we? :-)

Tiffany K said...

I hope that you have fun in London.

I love the blurb from your book. Thank you for sharing about it.

Eli Yanti said...

"What happen in Vegas" sounds great :)

love your book, Kimberly :D

Kate Hardy said...

First name drawn from the hat for 'What Happens in Vegas'- Robertsonreads. Please contact me kate(dot)hardy(at)btinternet(dot)com with your details, and I'll get everything sorted :o) Thanks for taking part!