Monday, July 02, 2012

Elsewhere today

Current work: revisions, and thinking about new book
Listening to: Beethoven (my symphonies have arrived!)
Reading: next on TBR - very behind with my reading at the moment

Am over at the Medical Authors' blog today, talking about my new-found passion :)

Update on the Kate Unlardy Project - well, six weeks in, and I'm still going (and still enjoying it).  Three times a week at the gym - not so much on the swimming side, but I've been busy with work. I will try to do better during the holidays, mainly because I intend to talk littlest into coming swimming with me. 

As I'm losing fat but gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat), I'm not seeing much of a difference on the scales. So I'm going by the tape measure instead. Measuring day is the first of the month. So in six weeks I've managed an inch off my bust, waist and hips (that's each, not added together). And - drumroll - a whole inch off my upper arms! The team at the gym say they can see the difference; DH also says he can see the difference (even though he wasn't that tactful!).

But the big difference isn't really in my shape. It's in my confidence. I've had a couple of seriously rubbish years, and I've been faking confidence I really haven't felt. But right now, thanks to my gym sessions, I've been moved a bit out of my comfort zone and I'm doing things now I never would've thought I could do. And that's had a very nice knock-on effect on my confidence. (It's not just the endorphin rush, either!) It's good to have my bounce back, and long may it stay there.

Zealous, now? Nope. Because the only person who can change yourself is you. And you have to want to change, and to want to do it for the right reasons (sustainable ones - in other words, for yourself). If I'd tried this six months ago, it would've failed. But six weeks ago I'd come to the right decision for me, for the right reasons, and it's working. 


Shirley Wells said...

Wow! I am so impressed. Losing inches from all over the place after only 6 weeks is amazing. Great to know that you're still enjoying it too! Well done, you.

liz fenwick said...

So proud of you! Have been there.

Katie said...

Well done! Sounds like you are doing really well. I really do need to get myself sorted out! You have motivated me to work out a plan! Thanks :-) Missed the contest but just had a look at the new-style website and it looks lovely!