Friday, June 29, 2012


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Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition – the subtle changes were the colour (a bit deeper), the strapline (changed from ‘drama passion danger’ to ‘warmth heart charm’ because I’ve stopped kidding myself and I’m playing to what my readers tell me my strengths are rather than what I thought they were, LOL) and the hearts are a little bit different, too. So any of those would’ve been acceptable as an answer,

Congratulations to Kayla – please email me your snail mail address (email contact is on my website) and I’ll post the book to you on Monday :o)

Sorry to disappoint everyone else, but please keep visiting my website – there’s going to be a massive two-month-long blog party with fabulous guests and giveaways every single day (because my writer mates are lovely, supportive and generous) as well as more chances to win my 50th M&B!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone who’s experiencing these extreme weather conditions (flooding in the UK and forest fires in the US) is staying safe. We’ve been lucky in that the massive storms missed us yesterday, but it’s been disgustingly sticky here in Norwich. Mr Kate is being dragged off to John Lewis tonight in search of a whisper-quiet fan – he can’t stand the noise of our fan and won’t let me have the bedroom window open because he says the birds wake him up (!), but I can’t cope with humidity and I’ve spent two nights pacing the house/sitting in front of the fan in my study. Not good. There are four possibilities on the JL website, so hopefully one will be quiet enough to keep him happy and mean that I have lovely cool air.

Have a nice weekend!

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Fiona Harper said...

Tell your hubby there's a wonderful invention called earplugs! Much cheaper than a new fan. :-)