Wednesday, July 18, 2012

last week of term...

Current work: Medical (aka M&B #54)
Listening to: Vaughan Williams (Thomas Tallis)
Reading: Nicola Cornick, Notorious (I was looking forward to this as it’s another of her Scandalous Women of the Ton series – love the premise behind this one about women being paid to be matchbreakers)

Sooo – last week of term, and it’s busy. I’m in the middle of sending tons of emails re my big blog party (which is going to be SUCH fun and last for ages, and I have some really fabulous guests – but obviously also takes organising. Juggling this between my own deadlines and those of my friends is, um, interesting, and I’m quite humbled that everyone’s being so accommodating). In the meantime, it’s report season (both kids had pretty much what I was expecting, so I’m very pleased with both of them); and daughter is doing the Y6 show. We went last night, and it was hilarious. They worked really hard at singing, dancing and acting (and it was well scripted). But when they did the slide-show of our kids, showing them on residential trips and doing cross-curricular activities, and the whole year sang ‘Rule the World’ - let’s just say I don’t think there were many mums there with dry eyes.

Grumpy teenager informed us this morning that today is the last day of term worth going in for. (Tomorrow is the rescheduled sports day – hmmm, rain? – and Friday is a half-day as it’s the last day of the academic year.)

Other than that, work is ticking over nicely (until revisions hit again – ho ho); the Kate Unlardy project seems to be ticking along nicely, too (including the ‘eat more’ business – I couldn’t quite break my check-the-scales habit this morning, but I’m going to relax a bit now). The protein shake taste-test is going well, too. Bought a shaker at the gym this morning, and that makes a huge difference to the texture. The latte flavour is a little bit on the sweet side, but is bearable. With a 7.30 training session, I’m not going to be able to face breakfast first, so swapping breakfast and the mid-morning snack (i.e. shake before workout, breakfast after with the kids) is going to work really well. NB this isn’t a shake diet. (Don’t think I’d last long on one of those, because I enjoy real food and cooking too much.) This is all to do with muscle repair, so shakes are only for workout days.

Life’s going to feel very different in September, with both children at the same school for the first time ever. So I’m hoping for a quiet, chill-out summer.

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