Monday, July 16, 2012


Current work: Medical (aka M&B #54)
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: Victoria Lamb, Witchstruck (I was expecting this to be good because she’s a friend and under another name she writes wonderful poetry – and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the sequel, now!)

Lovely weekend. Henry IV part 2 on the Beeb on Saturday night (Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddlestone, Simon Russell Beale, Alun Armstrong – fantastic cast, beautifully acted, and I was close to tears at the last scene between Henry IV and Hal – superb use of emotion). Especially nice as it was accompanied by a glass of pinot grigio and, ahem, raspberries with Greek yoghurt.

Sunday was spent sorting out the spice rack and baking cupboard (actually, to be fair, most of that was my daughter, bless her). And we had breakfast out. We were going to do the usual at M&S, but we forgot that the shops don’t open until 11 on Sunday and arrived in town a little bit early. And, as Carluccio’s was open… All I can say is that eggs Florentine and good coffee is a lovely start to a Sunday :o)

Actually, I’m feeling a teensy bit guilty because I went Carluccio’s today as well – lunch with one of my best writer mates (it’s her birthday = excellent excuse). But I did work hard at the gym this morning (skipping! Haven’t done that since junior school) so I earned the chicken and lemon risotto, garlicky spinach and white chocolate panna cotta. And we discussed books and plot points, so there was work involved. It just happened to be enjoyable work! (#noguilt)


Scarlet Wilson said...

I'm reading Witchstruck too! Loving it! Jane was at the conference and was really pleased with how well the book has been received.

Kate Hardy said...

It's a real page-turner, isn't it? So missed seeing you at the conference! Next year... (But I'll see you in Sept at AMBA.)