Monday, July 23, 2012

summer holidays start here

Current work: Medical (aka M&B #54)
Listening to: Jon Lord, Boom of the Tingling Strings (kudos to Classic FM for making him composer of the week – he wrote some lovely classical stuff as well as the rock side)
Reading: next on TBR

Really relaxing weekend. Started with quick trip into town with DH on Saturday – I wanted to get the Pandora bead for book #53. (Nearest I could get to a bluebell - is a pretty, stylised spring flower.)

Henry V and a glass of Chablis in the evening - real treat. Tom Hiddleston is absolutely superb as an actor and I’d love to see him playing Hamlet as I think he’d bring a lot of depth to the role.

Sunday, DH went to Brand’s Hatch to see the Superbikes, so the kids and I had a chilling-out day. Playing games, watching Ratatouille (forgot how much fun that film was), and then a bit of a jam session, switching between piano and guitar, before chilling out and talking too much. (Both my kids are articulate and good company – I enjoy being with them, and although I’ve enjoyed every stage I do think that each year just gets better.)

Today, the sun is actually shining, which is a great start to the summer hols. Had an early session at the gym (lots of cardio today with circuits, and I thoroughly enjoyed it), then picked up the new Now compilation for littlest on the way home as well as croissants (note, latter were NOT for me). Holiday routine is really nice: early gym session, home for breakfast with the kids, then a little bit of work and the rest of the day spent with them. Am also sorting out blog posts and pics from my lovely, generous friends who are involved in the massive party to celebrate my 50th M&B – there are some absolutely fantastic books on offer as giveaways, and it’s something different every single day. It all kicks off on Friday next week, and I might be a bit boring about it before then, but…!


Nell Dixon said...

Sounds lovely!

Nicola Cornick said...

Wasn't Tom Hiddleston great as Henry V? I wanted to be Princess Catherine in that scene!