Wednesday, July 25, 2012

swifts, swallows and Spidey

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We’ve actually had some sunshine this week! And DH is one of those who, the second the sun appears, announces that we’re going to have a barbecue. So I haven’t had to do anything more than chop salad for dinner, this week. (I will tonight, as it's dance class and we won't have time to fit everything in otherwise.)

Was very nice chilling out yesterday afterwards, lying on the trampoline and looking up at the blue, blue sky. We were trying to work out if the birds swooping overhead were swifts or swallows. There wasn’t a mega-obvious fork in the tail, and they were very high up, so we think they were probably swifts. And there were some enormous dragonflies, too.

Apart from that, what have we been doing in the holidays? I’m keeping my gym routine, but shifting it to a 7.30 am start. Which means I can be home to spend the whole day with the kids, and maybe do some work in the evening. (Dear ed. I am thinking about it.) Yesterday was a quick blitz on some school uniform, a new music book for Madam, and then we went to see Spiderman. The cinema’s air conditioning was broken, so we were forced to eat ice cream. (Ha. As if I ever need an excuse for ice cream. The middle of winter is ice cream weather on Planet Kate.) There was a quick fix for me: sticking a bottle of chilled water on the back of my neck. (Learned that one from the lovely Chillow.) And it was much less humid and horrible than the nights have been, this week.

Spiderman was superb. I liked the Maguire films, but this one really raised the bar for me. There was much more depth of character (and growth of character, too), and the story was brought very much up to date. I was blown away by Rhys Ifans – I always thought of him in reference to his Notting Hill role, so this was a revelation. Beautiful acting, great use of tension, moments that really made me laugh (anyone with a teenage boy will understand just how quickly a fridge can be stripped), and moments that made me cry. Highly recommended. There were some trailers we quite fancied, too – this might turn out to be the summer of the action flick for us :o)

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