Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Current work: revisions
Listening to: Take That
Reading: (when I catch up with myself... Christina Courtenay's timeslip arrived today and I so want to read it RIGHT NOW but I must behave)


Yep, it's the first Tuesday at the month, so it's my Kate's Kitchen slot over at the PHS, so I'm doing ginger biscuits. These are a real favourite in this house. I forgot to take a pic last time I made them, so I had to make some last night to illustrate my blog post. (Is that the most creative excuse ever for making cookies?) Plus we wanted to try out our new cookie cutter. Littlest and I spied the sunburst in Lakeland on Saturday. (The lady in the shop told us that all husbands go white when they see their other half with a Lakeland bag... so it's not just mine!)


Kate said...

I love Lakeland! In fact I even managed to sneak in a trip to their flagship Windermere store when we were over in the UK in April - it was AMAZING and well worth a visit if you are ever up that way. The cafe was amazing!

Katie said...

Ooops, was logged into wrong gmail for that comment - it's Katie from Mummy Adventures :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Katie - I guessed it was you anyway!! I think my 'responsible adult' would have to be with me before I was allowed in... ;o) (Cafe sounds great. Hmm. Norwich branch has two floors, so they *could* have a cafe...)