Thursday, May 31, 2012

dog in the daisies

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Listening to: Beethoven
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Am deep, deep, deep in deadline (not helped by Word having an enormous hissy fit yesterday and opening 10 docs at once, then not letting me into any of them to close them – ouch, and I was VERY grateful for the excellent support team at Apple).

We learned the spin turn yesterday at dance class. We’re, um, just about doing a straight line now with the normal and reverse turns, so we struggled a bit. If DH could take smaller steps, it would help! But we’ll get there.

Am up to eyeballs so am posting a pic instead of wittering on. Dog looked very cute among the daisies, earlier this week.

But he wasn’t in the mood for having his photo taken. He either lay on his side with one paw up, demanding a tummy rub; or did this with his head so you can't see his cute little face properly. I tried saying ‘walkies’ to get him to sit up and look interested, but then he started bouncing around, so… this is the best we can do :o)

And I need to be gone!


Catherine J said...

Aww! Adorable ... Popping in - over a week late (But that's just me all over I'm afraid) - to say aww to the lovely dog in the daisies.

Kate Hardy said...

Always lovely to see you, Catherine! And he wasn't flavour of the month this weekend, when he pinched daughter's water bottle and chewed it - but I guess he was telling us that he might be 10 now, but he's still a puppy at heart!