Monday, May 28, 2012

deadline and fast track

Current work: med
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: next on TBR

Deadline week. Book due. Any sense out of me? Noooo.

Quick update on last few days: hard cardio session at gym, new hair colour (is a bit more red this time), shopping to get DH’s birthday present, barbecue and watching blu-ray of Iron Man (enjoyed hugely), LOTS of work, another session in the gym this morning, a ton of admin, more work… Yeah, I know, I said to everyone I was going to be a tortoise this year. My head sees it differently. Lots of faffing around and thinking it over – and then write fast. It’s not the way I’d choose to do it, but hey.

Fast track? M and B are looking for new Medical romance authors. Details are over on the M and B site here. Good luck if you’re going for it!

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