Monday, May 14, 2012

Bluebells, redux

Current work: med (expecting tweaks on Vienna book later this morning)
Listening to: Beethoven
Reading: Yesterday’s Sun, Amanda Brooks

Starting with Friday – went out to dinner pre-theatre, but it was also a celebration as I’ve sold my 52nd book. (However, it’s a bit complicated and I need a chat with my editor before I can make a proper hoppy-skippy-bouncy announcement.)

The Winter’s Tale was excellent – Tony Bell was fabulous as Autolycus, playing it almost in a Keith Richards way. The whole cast did a great job, but the star of the show for me was Paulina (always was my fave character in the play). I still cannot understand Leontes. Or why Hermione forgave him. And that set me thinking. I have another lightbulb flicking very, very brightly in the back of my head. It’s ambitious, but worth playing with. Oh yes – and the text adapter for this production was none other than one of my favourite Renaissance lecturers from my undergraduate days: Roger Warren. I texted the Godmothers, the next morning, to tell them, and they both came back with exactly the same quote. (And if you can remember a lecture 25 years after you graduated – I rest my case.)

Saturday was my usual stroll in town with daughter (and yes, did involve a bookshop as well as coffee).

Sunday was really sunny in the morning, so I begged to do some method research for a scene in the current med.

Where we went was very, very muddy. (My poor wellies, on their first outing.)

It's a beautiful part of the world. (I love the contrast of colours: the green hedgerow, the yellow oilseed rape and the wide blue skies.)

And yes, it’s the same place we went to a couple of weeks back, when the bluebells were just coming out - Foxley. On Sunday, the woods were in full glory.

I know it’s usually called a bluebell carpet, but to me it always feels more like drifts of bluebells. Just lovely. (The white flowers are stitchwort, I think. My mum used to call them 'daddy's shirt buttons' and made up stories when I was tiny about the animals in the countryside, and how they paid for their goods with flowers. Such a shame that she never wrote them down.)

And I'm a happy bunny - sunny, but not HOT, so I can walk for miles. (Oh - talking of bunnies, we saw a couple of hares dashing about.)

Plan for today: training session at the gym (aka the Kate Un-lardy Project), then cracking on with the med while awaiting last tweaks from ed re the Vienna book. (And a chat. But that might be tomorrow.)


Lacey Devlin said...

I love your wellies. They're so cute. I've been looking for a new pair and all I keep coming up with is black. It's very disappointing. Where are the all the polka dots hiding?

Happy med writing!

Kate Hardy said...

Maybe you don't have them in Aus, Lacey? Could be a business opportunity :) I got mine from Joules - not sure if they have branches down under? Good luck in your search, anyway! (And thank you for thinking they're cute. I have been the object of loud sighs, tuts, eye rolls, and mutters of 'loud'. How to embarrass your pre-teen...)

Shirley Wells said...

I love the wellies too. Absolutely gorgeous. Mine are boring green. Hmm, may have to go shopping for new ones.

What with selling your 52nd book - mega congratulations - and talk of gyms, you've worn me out. Go, Kate!