Monday, May 21, 2012


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Busy weekend – went to see Avengers Assembled on Friday night (enjoyed very much – I’ve ordered both Iron Man films, because that kind of humour and wit REALLY works for me; and intend to sweet-talk DH into Thor, because… OK, shallow, but the actor who plays Loki would work rather nicely as the hero of one of my books!). Saturday, nipped into town with Chlo and bought the bead for book #52 (still untitled, but I bet I don’t get to keep my working title of ‘Putting on the Glitz’), then dinner out with DH and the kids for son’s birthday.

Sunday was son’s 15th birthday, so we had the family over for a barbecue (and I could open a florist’s – have run out of windowsill space).

Ran out of vases, too! (But both the kitchen and the living room smell gorgeous because of the stocks.)

Celebration of my new career move, too (thanks to bestest cousin for the pink champagne).

Lots of cake. (NOT scoffed by me, I might add. Some of us, i.e. not DH, were sensible about what they ate.) But notice the wonderful candles - these are the 'angel flame' ones they sell in Lakeland and Hawkins' Bazaar, which have different colour flames. (What I really wanted was one of those indoor Roman candles, but I'm working on finding a local supplier.)

The Kate Unlardy project is ticking along nicely. 1lb off this week. Am enjoying the gym sessions (especially as I’m having a real mix of personal trainers and they all do different things with me – I’m happy to try most things). Oh, and especially for Michelle Styles… I did my first planks, today :o) (I might not be smiling tomorrow…!)

And I came back this morning to some nice news – can’t share yet, but I’m feeling more settled and happier now than I have in a very, very long time.

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