Wednesday, May 23, 2012

book 52 has a title...

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I think it’s fairly well known that I really like the Pandora charms, and I buy a bead for each book I have accepted. This is the one I bought at the weekend for book #52 – which is now called BALLROOM TO BRIDE AND GROOM and is out in the US in Feb 2013; UK hardback is the same month but we’re waiting to hear about the UK paperback.

Why this bead? Because it’s my ballroom dancing book, and the swirls on the glass are a bit like the way the waltz would look from a bird’s eye view. DH and I are not quite (!) up to that standard, so I have a feeling we’ll get stuck in the middle of the reverse turn tonight at class and need to be reminded which way to go. (Trust me. You forget your left and right. My heroine has trouble with the waltz. Not sure if I’m channelling her or she was channelling me!)

Apart from that, this week I’ve had a personal training sessions, a guitar lesson (mainly Mozart, which was nice), and my first ever Zumba class (hmm, was a bit ambitious on my part to do that between two PT sessions, especially as it meant 13 hours between a hard class and a session with someone who always makes me work really hard – in future, might go for a swim after guitar, instead). And I’ve written a bit – not enough, so Must Try Harder :o)

Have a nice day!


Scarlet Wilson said...

Gorgeous bead Kate congratulations and can't wait to see your US cover - I think they are especially gorgeous too!

Lacey Devlin said...

Ooo it's pretty! Congratulations on book #52!

Caroline said...

Ohh how lovely it is. Congrats on the 52nd book. Caroline x p.s sorry if I've not been around much. Blogger has been BAD and won't let me leave comments. today, however it seems to be ok.

Heidi Rice said...

Think it's so damn cute that you and your DH go to dance classes together... My fella danced with me exactly twice I think... Last time we were at a wedding I asked him why he never danced with me anymore (I love to get on down!!). His reply: 'Why would I, I've already pulled!'... Nice!

And the bead's beautiful. Also love the title of your new book.