Friday, February 17, 2012

signs of spring

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Peter Gabriel
Reading: Rachel Hore, The Glass Painter’s Daughter (enjoying)

Apologies for being such a hopeless blogger this week. It’s half term, which means normal routine goes out of the window and I have no idea what day it is (well, I do now, but I had to look it up first!).

So what have I been up to? Apple training; annual health check (blood pressure not great – but as she suggested doing the blood test there and then AND also making me get on the scales, that didn’t help! – and I was very polite but explained that thank you, I would rather keep my blood test appointment with the phlebo, who can get blood out of me more easily than anyone else at the surgery and I am all for reducing stress); car coolant bottle problem fixed; bit of shopping with daughter (was going to spend some of birthday book tokens but couldn’t find Susanna Kearsley’s new one so will have to order it); dance class (learned a new step for the cha cha cha – great fun); went swimming (yesterday, and my arms and shoulders really hurt today – and that had BETTER show on the scales on Monday); bit more shopping with daughter (she seems to have grown up overnight, so today's was all girly stuff); oh yes, guitar lesson (I love the chords of the acoustic version of ‘Here Comes the Flood’ – Jim was snooty about it but eventually admitted it’s a nice progression).

So it’s been a little busy :)

Signs of spring? Last autumn, my stepmum and I planted lots (and I mean lots) of bulbs on Dad’s grave. I planted the leftovers in the border underneath our living room window, and was thrilled to see that they’ve started coming up. They’re all still at the shoot stage on the grave, but I have several iris reticulata (i.e. the tiny ones) gracing the garden as of yesterday. Just lovely.


Deborah (Debs) Carr said...

I really should do more exercise and love the idea of learning the Cha Cha Cha.

Lovely picture of a gorgeous flower.

Kate Hardy said...

Debs, it's great fun (and doesn't feel like doing exercise) :)

Irises are my favourite flowers - and these make me smile every time I walk out of the front door.