Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kate Tardy

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Joe Lynn Turner
Reading: Barbara Wallace, Daring to Date the Boss (enjoyed), Elizabeth McGregor, Second Sight (really enjoyed a modern gothic!)

OK. Half term is over. I am back to normal routine. Almost. Much as I love my husband and children, there’s a lot to be said for a quiet house. (And no, it isn’t the younger two who are noisy and interrupt me all the time – that would be their dad.) Right now I seem to be running behind on everything. (Haven’t had time for a coffee yet today.)

Apple training this morning. Superb. I’m very impressed with the editing suite that comes with iPhoto. However, I will need a timer and to use it as my treat, because otherwise I could spend all day playing with it. Very pleased that I’m not going to have to fork out for Toast just yet – there is a way of burning DVDs, so I can sort out certain films and pics for people. And this afternoon I am going to decide on the music I need for the Vienna book and sort that out. (You know your RLH loves you when, despite the fact that he loathes Michael Buble, he goes to ballroom dancing lessons with you for research purposes...)

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