Wednesday, February 22, 2012

heigh ho, heigh ho

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Beethoven (7th, second movement)
Reading: Nikki Logan, Her Miracle Twins (enjoyed)

Right now, all’s very tickety-boo on Planet Kate – there’s a pan of soup bubbling away on the hob for the next 20 minutes, a cup of fresh coffee on my desk, and my characters are talking away in my head. (Plus the Sainsbury’s driver today happens to be a fellow writer and was telling me about his WIP – fascinating stuff, as he works in a totally different genre – and the postie has just brought a pile of Chris Higgins novels to keep Madam happy as well as some of the books I used my birthday vouchers on; am dying to read the new Susanna Kearsley, but had better earmark that as a carrot for reaching the halfway point on my own book.) Nice quiet house, too.

So that’s me very happily in ‘heigh ho’ mode :o)

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