Wednesday, February 29, 2012

answer to Monday’s question: Kate’s so on the naughty step…

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Sam Brown/Jon Lord
Reading: Donna Alward, Honeymoon with the Rancher

Busy day, Monday. Blood test (hmm, going to make sure I follow up thyroid results as mine feels as if it’s dipping again); blood pressure check (best in years, yippee); daughter’s music exam (fingers crossed she gets what she deserves – and actually, it’s pretty daunting playing for a total stranger and knowing you’re going to be assessed); school meeting for daughter’s school residential trip.

Oh, yes. And a teensy online shop at Fortnum’s. (In my defence, it was with birthday money AND I was much better than I would’ve been had I gone into the actual shop next week – plus you really can’t turn up to lunch with your publisher and then an awards do with a big pile of shopping, can you?)

Busy day, Tuesday. Guitar lesson (have not practised enough, so that’s another reason for the naughty step – and boy did the Tarrega piece feel like punishment; Jim definitely made his point); parents’ evening (excellent. Very pleased with son’s progress – and also a bit surprised as I’d pegged him as a scientist, and where he’s really flying seems to be in my subjects. Had to smile when the teacher said he was picky about grammar. Son, pointing at me: that’s her influence…). Poor boy is stuck with Romeo and Juliet as his GCSE text; but there’s an RSC production of The Tempest coming up around his birthday…

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