Friday, February 03, 2012

A bit of a hare day

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: Michael Buble
Reading: next on TBR (but I’m reading Locatelli’s ‘Made in Sicily’ at lunchtimes – fabulous and a bit inspirational as well)

I have very good intentions about the tortoise stuff, but yesterday ended up as a hare day. It was a teensy bit disrupted, as in I didn’t seem to get a clear hour to work in peace and quiet at any point. And my car has to go back again next week because it isn’t a sensor problem – and they need a part to fix it. Luckily it’s a warranty thing so won’t cost a fortune. (But we have snow and ice forecast. Note to self: you have traction control, now. Be brave. Stop stressing.)

I did however manage to get my revisions done. (The ones that gave me three nights of wakefulness. So I am officially knackered and need a day off, actually.)

And I had my hair re-coloured. (Author who almost never wears makeup so has shiny face, but does live in a pair of shades on her optician's advice - this isn't gratuitous posing!)

Both children were looking a bit worried when lovely Louise mentioned having slices of purple through my hair for the summer. (Daughter is just used to this colour and likes it now. She’s not happy at the idea of her mother having purple hair. Sorry, honey. When you’re staring 46 in the face, you might go through the teenage rebellion you never had, too.)

What else, this week? Guitar – did a bit of Sloe Gin (which is very much the song for the book I just revised, and I so hope it doesn’t come back with more of what my ed calls ‘tweaks’ – beware the T-word, because what on the surface looks like one small change can actually alter the tone of the whole book). Dancing – oh, tricky, as it was doing a turn in the waltz. Let’s just say that more practice might be required.

Oh yes – and anyone local who gets the EDP Norfolk magazine might recognise someone on page 48 of the February issue. (Thank you to lovely Rowan Mantell for a great piece. And for putting in pics of two of my absolutely favourite bits of Norfolk.)

Righty. Work, this morning, then lunch out with Jo and Sarah :o)

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