Monday, February 27, 2012

how naughty is naughty?

Current work: Vienna book
Listening to: various dance stuff (ballroom, people, ballroom)
Reading: Their Christmas Family Miracle, Caroline Anderson (fabulou, though made me cry); Snowbound Bride-to-be, Cara Colter; Not-so-Perfect Princess, Melissa McClone; The Heart of a Hero, Barbara Wallace; Firefighter’s Doorstep Baby, Barbara McMahon; The Soldier’s Untamed Heart, Nikki Logan; Expecting Royal Twins, Melissa McClone; To Dance with a Prince, Cara Colter.

OK, from the list above, you can guess what I spent this weekend doing – and no, it wasn’t being naughty and skiving off, it was a bit of necessary well-refilling :o) In addition to shopping for shoes with Madam (and buying chocolate as instructed for son, who did not need shoes). Also watched a Kate Hudson film, ‘Little Bit of Heaven’ – very funny in places, but it had me in bits. Daughter always says she sleeps like the dead, so I thought I was safe to go in and give her a kiss goodnight, and she semi-woke and gave me a hug and told me she loved me (which made it even worse). LOL, she didn’t remember a thing in the morning, but when I explained about the film she sucked her teeth and said her dad shouldn’t have let me watch it and I should’ve woken her properly for a real hug instead of a sleepwalking one, bless her. Son unglued himself from the X-box to give me a hug, too, bless him.

Anyway. I came up with a new outline (on ed’s desk this morning), so that time off was definitely productive.

And I’m currently considering being a bit naughty. Doing my proofs on Friday reminded me of the box of Fortnum’s Superbe that lovely Anna Cleary sent me (and which, ahem, found their way into the book), and I had this yen… And then there’s the tea (am thinking their Countess Grey blend – and I really ought to try their Smoky Grey one as well – especially as it seems that the F&M tea caddies match my kitchen), the coffee (well, hey, their ice cream is Sandringham blend coffee, and Sandringham is about forty minutes up the road from me, so it has my name on it, right?), the violet shortbread (which I was hoping Santa would bring me, but Santa does his shopping at the very last minute so it didn’t happen)… And it’s one tube stop away from where I’m meeting my ed for lunch on Monday before the RNA do. Hmm.

Alternatively, I could just order the stuff online, because I think Fortnum’s would be at at the top of the ‘not without a responsible adult’ list – kind of Waitrose times ten. And I’m much better behaved online because I stick to my list instead of getting carried away and being an impulse shopper.

Actually, I’ve had a bit of a tricky month (hence the lack of posts). And good coffee and tea helpeth an author write. And I have a blood test this morning (routine annual ones for the thyroid) and I HATE needles, so I’ll need cheering up afterwards. (That's the excuse for the chocs.)

How naughty is naughty?


Nell Dixon said...

Doesn't sound naughty to me :) Enjoy the treats.

Shirley Wells said...

Doesn't sound at all naughty to me. It could have been worse. Much worse. ;)

Glad the time off was productive!