Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday already?

Current work: proofs for ‘Once a Playboy…’
Listening to: Albeniz, Asturias
Reading: Barbara Wallace, Beauty and the Brooding Boss; Nikki Logan, Friends to Forever (take as read that I enjoyed both - I don't post about books I didn't enjoy because I know how much work goes into a book and I am not going to stomp on other people's feelings and trash their work, particularly as I'm aware that readers have different tastes and some people may like the ones I didn't, just as some might not like the ones I do)

Where did the week go?

Great dancing lesson on Wednesday – we learned to do a spot turn in the cha cha cha (and also practised the foxtrot and the waltz). Swimming on Thursday (managed two more lengths this week, and pleased to say my arms don’t hurt this week, so that’s clearly a good increase to make each week). Fabulous sunset while we were in the pool, with a stunning crimson sky, so I was kicking myself for my camera being at home. However. I am making progress with this ‘getting fit’ lark. (No change on the scales. And this is despite eating VERY healthily. Keep going. Onwards and upwards.)

I’m making progress with the ballroom dancing (Vienna) book and also have the beginnings of an idea for the next Medical. I haven’t done a friends-to-lovers book for ages, and I have a yen to do one now. Just need to work out the hero’s conflict.

Righty. Proofs, then sharing my salmon with dog (is good for his coat – oh, OK, so I am a soft touch and a sucker for those big brown soulful eyes) and then a bit of progress on the new book until school run.

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