Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man Drawer

Current work: revisions on Venice book
Listening to: Corelli (am in stress mode now)
Reading: next on TBR

I’m screamingly busy and making no progress on the book – I’ll add maybe 3k, then revise the next bit… and that’s 3k out. Arrgh. (It’s turned into a complete rewrite. I think there might be two scenes left, and they’ve both been tweaked.)

So instead of blogging I’m going to be shameless and leave you with a very, VERY funny link sent to me by my mate Fiona Lowe. It’s Michael McIntyre talking about the Man Drawer – and now I know why all the drawers in my utility room and one in the kitchen (and the tea towel drawer, if he gets his way) have been annexed! Takes about five minutes but it's well worth watching - here.


Anonymous said...

Complete rewrite?
Two scenes left?.. Gasp.

Sending you virtual chocs, best flowers in the world and coffee.

Plus full time dog walker & expert waiters &chef &housekeeper & entertainers.

Mega hugs.

Michela said...

Rewrite?? Aw, hugs Kate! Be calm and keep "cold blood"... to quote T. Capote's famous book!

About the other post - yes, I speak Russian and when you're interested in learning it it's not so hard as it seems.

About The Twilight Saga I also read the books first and I liked them but when we talk about vampires I rather prefer Anne Rice's version.

I'm sure your daughter can imagine who's Jackson Rathbone - in the saga/films he's Jasper Hale and I think he's more attractive and interesting than the main character, the famous Edward Cullen. :)

Anonymous said...

That is one of the funniest clips I've ever seen. He's wonderfully accurate.


Shirley Wells said...

Oh the dreaded Man Drawer. So funny. Have sent the link to DH. :)

Hugs on the rewrite. Hope you're finding time for chocolate.