Friday, August 20, 2010

publication day

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Today is publication day. Sort of a double publication day (turns out that the nonfic came out last week, though my copies haven’t arrived yet – but as The Book Depository has it down as today… I’m saying today!).

In fiction the first half of my French duo is on the shelves in the UK – Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex. (I'm still so chuffed that I have the Eiffel Tower on my cover... and am looking forward to a research visit there quite soon.)

In nonfiction my Essex book is out – Scandals, Sieges and Spooks: Ghosts and Legends of Essex. (I do have a copy in my hot little hands, now!)

And, because things are always better in threes… Lovely Liz Fielding told me that I have an audio book coming out in November – Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion.

What am I doing today? Well, I’d like to be working. But we have the second half of school shopping to do (bags and stationery, plus son’s shoes), and we’re also going to the cinema. (I know. Twice a week. Bad habit.)

Visit to Dad yesterday was pretty mixed. Lovely beginning because he knew who I was, was pleased to see me, responded when I mentioned that the Essex book (dedicated to him) is out now, and talked about my cooking (so he definitely did know it was me). I was thrilled… but then the Lewy bodies moved and he turned nasty. (And still knew me, because then my name came into play, along with a tirade.) Sadly, I think this is going to be more frequent as his dementia progresses; and I guess it’s easiest to lash out at those who are closest to you (hence my stepmother and I get the tough stuff). But the staff at the care home are very supportive and kind, so we’ll muddle through this as best we can. And I'm very glad that my husband and children are just lovely and are very understanding if I go a bit quiet post-visit.


carolwarham said...

I do sympathise with what you are going through with your dad, having recently gone through exactly the same thing. I was once so horrified by his behaviour I was apologising to the staff (who were wonderful), saying this was not my dad. They told me they had learnt to see the person that was now hidden. They always treated him with gentleness and dignity. I was overwhelmed by their care and dedication.

Cara Cooper said...

Congratulations on the publications, two in one day, wow! Really feel for you with your father. Dementia is such a miserable condition for all the family, it tarnishes lives. My father died quite suddenly about five years ago and it was a shock. But I think he was in a way one of the lucky ones to go at 79, not such a bad age, and not to have suffered dementia. Thank goodness your dad still recognises you sometimes and that the care home is a good one. Take care. Cara

Lacey Devlin said...

Yay for publication day! Gorgeous covers! ((Big Hugs)) on your mixed day with your dad. It's so lovely that he recognised you and remembered his dedication.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Bless you K

I know it must be very hard seeing your Dad like this.

Thank goodness for your lovely hubby and family - and your writing (that you might escape the harsh realities of life) - and that they brighten life when it must seem so tough and unfair at times.

Happy double publication day, wishing you all the best.

warm wishes

susanwilson44 said...

My heart goes out to you when I heaar you talking about your dad. Hold on to the moments of lucidity because that's when you see your real dad. Push the other stuff to the side, because that isn't the real him. Even the tirades, I've nursed loads of people like this and sometimes the family think there is something personal in the tirades, but it isn't, its all random and not aimed at you at all.

Congratulations on your two books being published and I LOVE the Eiffel Tower cover, it's so cool x

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Carol - it's a tough thing to go through. I have such respect for care home staff.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Cara - and hugs to you, too, on losing your dad.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thanks. Am tryng to focus on the good side.

Kate Hardy said...

Bluestocking Mum - thanks, appreciated. And I am SO lucky with my DH and kids. They're brilliant.

Kate Hardy said...

Susan - thanks. Actually, he's always been a bit difficult, but we'd come to a workable compromise before the dementia took hold. Shame that it's magnifying his difficult bits rather than the nice, charming side! But I'm trying to hold on to the nice bits rather than the tough stuff.

Glad you like my covers as much as I do!

Morton S Gray said...

Hi Kate,

It must make you quite worked up before you visit your Dad not knowing how he will react. I feel for you.

Added one more to sales of your new book today! How many do you generally sell? Must be exciting seeing your name on the bookshelves. Mortonx

Kate Hardy said...

Morton - yeah, you never know what to expect, and for a planner that's quite difficult.

Thanks for buying the book - hope you like it.

As for sales figures - they depend on several factors, including how many countries it goes to, and it takes abut five years for a book to reach its "sellthrough" (i.e. be released in all the markets, be reprinted etc). And we're in a changing marketplace, with digital, so I wouldn't like to comment on what's "normal" any more!