Friday, August 13, 2010

Sorrento, day 6 - Sorrento itself

On Saturday, we took the train into Sorrento itself.
There were various horse-and-cab contraptions in the main square, and we saw one horse being groomed.
Then there were squeaks for gelati. This time, I didn't join them - my eye was caught by certain pastries. Sfogliatelle are crisp puff pastry filled with a ricotta and lemon mixture, and they're very, very, VERY nice.
The main streets were very crowded (not to mention full of shops selling limoncello, coral beads and wooden boxes to tourists).
But it only takes a moment to find quieter streets.
And, of course, the sea. If you look out over the bay, a certain feature looms - especially if the clouds are hovering over the volcano.
The children spotted a lizard sunning himself.
There are two marinas at Sorrento, and it's ironic that the 'marina piccola' (i.e. small marina) is the one with the port, whereas the 'marina grande' is the small, older one. This is where we stopped for lunch.
The stage was still there at St Agnello when we returned, so after dinner (and another glorious sunset)
we had a wander up to the main square with the fountains to see what was happening.
There seemed to be a local fashion show going on - then it turned into the regional heat of Miss Italia.
Which meant 15 very pretty girls in sparkly, skimpy dresses...
... and then in skimpy beachwear!
We didn't stay for the end because it did go on a bit; the presenter was kind of an Italian Bruce Forsyth at his cheesiest. Chlo was tired, so we went back to the hotel and then sat chatting at the bar for a bit.


susanwilson44 said...

Loved the pictures of Sorrento, went there as a teenager with my mum and dad and it brought back lots of memories!

Lacey Devlin said...

Gorgeous scenery!

Caroline said...

Great photo's again Kate. Thanks for sharing. Didn't get a chance to post a comment yesterday - but again the photo's of Herculaneum are great. Thanks. Caroline xx