Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Voices, interviews and spooks

Current work: revisions on Venice book
Listening to: Vivaldi
Reading: next on TBR

Today I’m doing a talk with Caroline Anderson at Diss Library (7.30pm - 01379 642609 to book a place) about how to write a Mills & Boon. This is all part of the M&B New Voices initiative - to find out more, go over to their website. It’s definitely worth checking in with the website daily – prize giveaways, free eBooks, and a chance to vote for your favourite in the New Voices competition.

Yesterday was a fairly busy day – did an interview with lovely Karen Buchanan on BBC Radio Norfolk, then (as the kids were utter angels and waited patiently) took the kids out for lunch at Giraffe. And as my bank account was determined to haemorrhage money, I decreed that we were going to do the dreaded shoe/uniform shop and get it out of the way. I think the worst part was spending an HOUR in Clarks, and they didn’t have anything in son’s size. He’s so tall now that I think we’re going to have to buy him adult shoes. But they’ll be from an expensive shoe shop because I want him fitted properly – call me fussy, but I think it’s important that kids have shoes that fit properly when they’re still growing.

Today has also been busy - guitar lesson, picking up the projector for tonight’s talk, grocery delivery, interview with the Essex Chronicle about the spooks book (which is out now – I thought it was Friday but apparently it was last week, though my author copies are still en route. You can get it at a discount and free worldwide postage at The Book Depository). And then obviously there’s the talk tonight. And somehow in between I need to shoehorn in some time to work…


Lacey Devlin said...

I second that it's very important for kids to have shoes that fit properly. I still have nightmares about all the problems poorly fitting shoes can inflict on them.

I wish I could go to your talk! Have a fabulous time!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - ouch, sounds as if either you work with feet or you're talking from personal experience, so hugs from me.

And I wish you could've come to the talk, too - but I guess it would've been over by the time your plane had landed... :(