Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Romantic Novel of the Year longlist announced

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The Romantic Novel of the Year longlist has been announced over at the RNA website:

The Very Thought of You, Rosie Alison
Passion, Louise Bagshawe

Beachcombing, Maggie Dana
Fairytale of New York, Miranda Dickinson
Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts, Lucy Dillon
A Single to Rome, Sarah Duncan
A Mother's Hope, Katie Flynn
A Glimpse at Happiness, Jean Fullerton
10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love, Linda Green
Marriage and Other Games, Veronica Henry
The Glass Painter's Daughter, Rachel Hore
It's the Little Things, Erica James
I Heart New York, Lindsey Kelk
The Heart of the Night, Judith Lennox
The Italian Matchmaker, Santa Montefiore
The Summer House, Mary Nichols
One Thing Led to Another, Katy Regan
The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks
Last Christmas, Julia Williams
The Hidden Dance, Susan Wooldridge
Congrats to everyone who made the longlist; and I’m especially delighted to see some of my mates on the list, so extra-special congrats to Jean Fullerton, Rachel Hore, Judith Lennox, Mary Nichols and Julia Williams :o)

Plan for today: go buy new office chair (with good lumbar support and, ohhhh, a soft seat), guitar lesson, then visit Dad. (This week am going with a more realistic mindset, i.e. not hoping for a good visit, and will make the best of it. If he chats to me this week, it'll be a hugely welcome bonus. Bloody dementia. It's been a bit tough, coming to terms with the fact that I've more or less lost him (except for the physical shell) in the same week of the year that I lost my mum, but hey. Character-building, and all that. Hence the planning of nice things. Though the new chair is a physical necessity!!)


Shirley Wells said...

I had to get a new office chair too and I love mine. It's the best in the house! :o)

Hope you have a good visit with your dad. Will be thinking of you.

Jan Jones said...

Great list, isn't it. Thinking of you this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I've more or less lost him (except for the physical shell)

Yes. That's the cruellest part, I think - because one can't fully grieve while the shell remains.

Sending blessings. Hope they help a bit.


Caroline Storer said...

Hope your visit with your dad goes well. A friend of mine goes to see her husband every other day and just talks to him. He has dementia as well. She says she likes to think he is listening to her even if he doesn't say anything. Bless. Take care. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - it's being delivered on Monday and I can't wait. (He asked where I bought my last one. I confessed. He laughed and said it doesn't sell proper furniture. Yeah. That's why I had to borrow a cushion from the sofa to make this one bearable...)

It was much better than I hoped, so clearly adopting the complete opposite of my usual Pollyanna attitude is the way to go from here.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan, that list is going to make my TBR bookcase dangerously loaded! *g* Some fabulous titles there.

And thanks. It was better than I expected today.

Kate Hardy said...

MPE - spot on, as always. Thank you. (I got a good day today when the Lewy Bodies had shifted. Still got some accusations, but they weren't quite as personal as usual, so I was able to laugh them off.)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - that's a nice way of thinking about things. He did talk to me this week and it was anicer visit than I expcted. A semi-good memory to save, I think.

Jane Henry said...

Oh Kate, many sympathies. I hadn't realised. It's such a cruel disease alzheimers. Thinking of youxxx