Friday, December 18, 2009

Perfume and the S-word

Current work: French duo book 2
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The north wind doth blow…

And this is my front garden this morning.

Not as bad as some parts of the county (at the time of writing this, more than 100 schools across the county are closed), but was sheet ice for DH en route to work. Son is covered in spots, and he couldn’t have picked a better day for it, bless him. (I don’t drive in snow because I had a nasty experience some years back – gave me grey hairs, then six months later at the car’s annual service there was a large bill to fix the damage, plus more grey hairs as I contemplated the fact I’d been blithely driving round in a dangerous car. Not worth it. And another reason why I am soooo glad I work from home.)

On a nicer note, I’ve been working on the perfume book (aka French book 2). My wonderful agent sent me a quick note yesterday asking if I’d caught the programme about Versailles on BBC4 as it was about perfume (and she knew it would appeal to me as it was about recreating historical perfumes). I hadn’t, but was delighted to discover it on on BBC iplayer: hence a morning of some seriously interesting research. (Not to mention a lightbulb. Dear ed. Guess what? Your nerd radar will need to come out again… or maybe not. Maybe this could be a different project. Hmm. Let’s get my attention back to reindeer, shall we?)

Have a nice weekend, and stay safe in the white stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hope that you don't have the heavy snow that fell on us in Hampshire on top of black ice. No travelling this morning!
A french perfume story! How wonderful is that? Have a great weekend and lots of fun in the snow.

linda margaret said...


You are wise to stay home. Driving on snowy roads in no picnic. Its why I have a 4 wheel drive SUV. I hate driving in the snow or freezing rain, but have to regularly to go to and from work. When there is a lot of snow I sometimes can persuade DH to drive me to work, because my place of work never closes whatever the weather. I have been at my hospital for ten years now and I have always managed to get there and I have never been stuck at work unable to get home. As we approach another winter the possibility arises again. Last year I was due for an early morning shift and our whole subdivision was not plowed. There was about 16 inches of snow on the ground we cleared part of the driveway and just plowed through the snow with the Jeep. Almost got stuck underneath a couple of times when the snow is so deep it catches the undercarriage of the vehicle and the wheels don't have much of anything to grip on. We were going down hill, it was the only thing that kept us moving. Fortunately the highway was partially cleared and we continued on to the hospital.

You are fortunate to have a husband who will drive in this stuff and the ability to stay home when the white stuff or ice falls.


Have a nice day at home. Today is an exciting day for me. DH and I are going out for a romantic dinner at a local hotel that serves a very nice meal and then off to the airport to pick up DD who has been away at school for the past four months

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, gorgeous snow!

Hubby and I were discussing last night we'd love to have a white Christmas one year.

UK, here we come!

Lacey Devlin said...

So pretty! I'm not sure I'd want to tackle the snow in my car either Kate :S

Olivia Ryan said...

Kate, we've just got back on-line (and on-heat, and on-light) after having our power cut off during the snow early yesterday morning. It's been the coldest day and night I can remember since my pre-central-heating childhood! The snow is pretty, but the ice is lethal ... the pavements are even worse than the roads! Hope it doesn't stop anyone getting where they need to go this Christmas. xx