Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another wonderful review – and Do One Thing (aka a brilliant video)

Current work: French duo book 2
Listening to: Christmas compilation
Reading: Barbara O’Neal, The Recipe for Lost Happiness (still enjoying)
Big thanks to the Pink Heart Society for their review of Falling for the Playboy Millionaire, too:

Kate Hardy never fails to deliver poignant, dramatic, realistic and heartwarming romantic fiction and Falling for the Playboy Millionaire certainly does not disappoint. With its cast of wonderfully believable and fantastic characters and plenty of powerful emotion and dramatic intensity, Falling for the Playboy Millionaire is another dazzling keeper from one of the finest writers of high quality romantic fiction: Kate Hardy!

What a lovely end to the year.

As for the video – I pinched it from Lorraine. It’s the BBC ‘do one thing’ campaign and it’s just lovely. Go take a look here or here. (The squirrels. Oh, the squirrels. Haven't seen ours for a bit, so I hope he's OK. And I’ll be putting out some extra stuff for our wild birds during the bad weather.)


Nicola Marsh said...

Congrats on fab reviews!

I'm a HUGE Barbara Samuel fan. Glommed her last year.
Do the same, you won't be disappointed.

Loved 'The Lost Recipe for Happiness'!!!

Merry Christmas x

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Nic - for the congrats and the rec. Will take a look. (Actually, might email you for a good title to start with...!)