Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Harlequin Open House (and (don’t) let it snow, (don’t) let it snow, (don’t) let it snow)

Current work: French duo book 2 (Provence. Hot, sunny days. Ha. Is zero degrees here in England)
Listening to: Def Leppard/Christmas compilation
Reading: (next on TBR)

Daughter is desperate for the s-word and, since seeing the weather forecast for the East of England, has been dancing round, singing a certain Dean Martin song.

I am desperate for it NOT to snow. I have too many things to sort out first! (Or let it snow next week when I don’t have to set foot outside the house. And please let it melt immediately so the roads are safe. Would also prefer it not to be quite so frosty and dangerous this morning…)

In the meantime, there’s Open House over at eHarlequin. I’m there with the Presents authors and Medical authors, so do come and say hello (just click the link). There are authors there from Romance, Historical, Mira/Luna, and Steeple Hill, so if you want to check out all the threads go here. Look forward to seeing you there!

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