Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow, snow, snow

Current work: French duo book 2
Listening to: Christmas compilation
Reading: Barbara O’Neal, The Recipe for Lost Happiness (recommended to me by lovely Liz Fielding, and how right she was – food and romance is such a good combination)

Vile roads on Friday, but DH was home a little earlier than usual and came with me to put the wreath on my mum’s grave (so I didn’t have to drive in the ice).

Nice ‘early Christmas’ with my cousin and her husband this weekend,(and she has introduced me to the idea of chilled port (oh dear. I think I deserved more than a 1lb weight gain after the cheese and port consumed, ahem – and her lovely husband made us these gorgeous Christmas cakes). Cue much talking, much laughter, playing games etc. DH and I bought ‘Pass the Bomb’ last week – this is daughter’s current favourite, as she likes word games as much as I do. Daughter played guitar for everyone (and she’s going through a songwriting phase, bless her – I’ve caught it on video, so now it’s a matter of helping her put it in notation. She’s got the chords, so that helps!).

And it snowed. Kids both miffed that it was the wrong sort of snow (too powdery) – son because he wanted a snowball fight, and daughter because she wanted to build a snowman. But they enjoyed themselves clearing the snow off the cars and making a snow angel and bouncing around in the stuff. (They liked the hot chocolate afterwards even more, *g*)

And then the temperature dropped. I hate it when people I love are travelling in vile weather conditions, so I was a bit twitchy until I had the text saying that coz was home safely. Went DH’s best friend’s for Christmas nibbles and more games in the evening. Snowstorm on way home so it wasn’t a nice drive (v thankful that DH was driving, not me).

Looks pretty this morning (this is the view from the back garden) but treacherous roads, so I hope everyone who’s having to travel to work (especially on the back roads) has a very safe journey, and let’s hope this all melts for Christmas, leaving safe roads and just enough of a dusting on the trees/gardens to be pretty.


Jan Jones said...

I so agree about snow, Kate. Pretty to look at, fun to play in, but a nightmare to actually live with!

Hope you and yours all keep safe on the roads.

Olivia Ryan said...

It sounds as if you're already having lots of Christmas fun, Kate. I agree about the snow. Part of me wants it to last for Christmas, but really that's just romantic idealism (surely not??). The sensible side of me really hopes it goes away quickly, so that nobody has to suffer any more scary journeys on the roads - or even on the pavements, which are just as treacherous, especially for the elderly. Have a lovely Christmas. xx