Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Current work: revisions – French duo book 1
Listening to: Def Leppard/various French piano music
Reading: (no time!!!)

Busy with revisions, so here’s a pic from Monday morning. There was a brighter rainbow on the actual school run, but I didn't have the camera on me - and I haven't yet installed the software to transfer files between my new phone and PC, so I can't post that pic yet. But, while the computer was booting up, I was making myself a cup of tea... and spotted this from the kitchen window.

What's caught your eye recently?


carolwarham said...

This morning the moon was obvously full, but this morning it was seemed huge and very bright, quite magical. Any ideas what causes it to look like that at times?
Really sorry to read about your dad,I do know what you are going through and how heartbreaking it is.

Kate Hardy said...

Could be an orbit thing, Carol (it's elliptical rather than a circle) or could be its position against the horizon - there's a good answer at

Re Dad - it's terribly sad, but we're taking each day as it comes. (And hopefully I'm due a nice visit where he's happy for a little while...)

Olivia Ryan said...

Beautiful picture, Kate! I love rainbows. Hugs to you re your dad. xx

Carol Townend said...

Hi Kate!
You have just proved my husband WRONG...we saw lots of rainbows in Cornwall last week, and I kept badgering him to take a pic but he said a photo wouldn't come out. Yours is great!

Lacey Devlin said...

Gorgeous picture! I have a thing for rainbows, they're too few and far between in my life! I've put an order in for more thank you :D

The only thing that's caught my eye lately is my floor. It needs a mop ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - we's so lucky with rainbows here in Norfolk. And thanks for the hugs.

Kate Hardy said...

Carol - LOL! I will admit that it's a colour-saturated pic, because it's a bit more dramatic. But the one that I took on the broken phone was really spectacular. (Obviously no longer have access to that...)

What I really want to get is a picture of lightning. But my reactions are just not good enough, and the faff of setting up a tripod and a long exposure...

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - do you really not get many rainbows down under?

And LOL on your floor. (You have this lovely dry wit that would work fantastically well in romcom, btw. I'm thinking Ms Crusie.)