Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Er… what day is it?

Current work: French duo book 2 (deadline approaching, arrgh)
Listening to: Norah Jones
Reading: CJ Sansom, Revelation (finished the O’Neal and it was fab)

What with bank holidays and school holidays, I have no idea what day it is – we’re completely out of routine. It’s a bit unsettling, and this week isn’t going to get better as there are more bank holidays plus an inset day on Monday. (And then my book is due in. Bwahahaha.)

We had a lovely Christmas – quiet, with just the four of us for most of the day, but nice. Santa was very good to me – perfume, books and music, as well as my fabby new phone. Kids were delighted with their haul, as was DH. Played games with the kids, ate too much (well, that was a given), and discovered that the giant spacehopper requested by daughter was enormous fun. Chilled out watching the Dr Who special: great ending, really loved the bit with Bernard Cribbins in the café (the acting there was phenomenal), but think the rest could’ve tightened up a lot more. DH reminded me that it was probably scene-setting for part 2, but I would have liked both parts to be good. (Fussy, moi?) Skipped Hamlet on Boxing Day as there were squeaks of ‘You’re really going to watch that for THREE HOURS?’ and mutters about when people were going to be fed (ah, the joys of having a son on the cusp of teenagerdom), so have ordered the DVD and am going to take a morning off and enjoy it in major geek mode, next term.

Sadly, the photos I was hoping to post don’t exist, as I didn’t manage to persuade DH to go for a walk on the beach on Boxing Day. It was a glorious day, but even daughter doing the big blue eyes thing didn’t budge him. (Rats. I wanted to see the seal pups. Maybe this weekend...) We did however go to the city and got the passport pics done. Also looked at large kitchen appliances, as the tumble dryer is on its last legs and the oven is heading that way. (Haven’t made a decision yet. Modern design is much clompier than my ancient oven. And then there's the reliability question. All the upheaval...)

Then, yesterday, the lack of sleep caught up with me (living with owls is hard work in holiday season – they want you to stay up late with them, and you’re still awake early, so you’re burning the candle at both ends: which I’m finding tougher as I get older) and I ended up having a rather long midday nap. Not so good for my wordcount, so I need to make up for that today.

Plan for today: er… what day is it, again? And am I the only one who’s like this, post-Christmas? Come and wake me up and tell me about your break!


Nicolette said...

Merry Christmas, Kate to you and all your family.

We had a good break here, too, though weather was more wet and bleak, than cold and white. Had a gorgeous walk on the beach post-christmas lunch though, allowing us to burn off energy and create room for tea!

Only bad spot was my cat has gone missing. Not seen since Sunday.

Good luck with finishing your book.

Shirley Wells said...

I have no idea of the day or date. Routine flies out of the window at this time of year, doesn't it?

Hope you get to see the seal pups at the weekend. We had a gorgeous walk pre-Christmas lunch.

Jane Holland said...

I know exactly what you mean about losing track of the days. Two of my kids are special needs, and one had an appointment on the 29th with the consultant - only I didn't realise until lunchtime today that it WAS the 29th, and we only had 45 minutes to get there!

But at least I'm writing loads during this Christmas break. 2000 words a day average for the past week, some on an Undone I'm finishing and some on a non-fiction book about how to edit poetry. So I may not know what day it is, but it's still full steam ahead!

Have a great New Year!

Caroline Storer said...

LOL Kate - with you the day thing! Had to ask DH what day it was and whether the shops are open again.

Both of us have got the Norwalk virus - as a medical author I'm sure you know the symptoms of this one! - yuk. Not been out of the house since Boxing Day until today. Thankfully we had a good Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to make up for it. Glad you all had a nice time too. Good luck on the wip. At least you are doing it - mine is gathering cobwebs at the moment - here's hoping my mojo comes back off its holidays soon.

Have a good New Year. Take care. Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Nope, no idea what day it is either. I do seem to be managing a bit of word count though (she says cautiously. And quietly)

Kate Hardy said...

Nicolette - your walk sounds fab, but sad news about your cat. Hope your cat's home safely soon. And happy new year!

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - doesn't it just? Hope the ice has gone from your way so you can enjoy the pre-new year walks. And happy new year!

Kate Hardy said...

Jane - ow, that was cutting it fine! Glad you made it, though. And well done on 2k a day - go, you! Happy new year :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - LOL, so did I! (I do know today is Wednesday as I'm almost out of milk and the shopping should be delivered this morning.)

Hugs on the virus - nasty stuff! Hope you're feeling much better now and that you get your mojo back. Happy new year!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan, excellent on the wordcount - keep going! Happy new year :o)