Wednesday, July 15, 2009

research (aka visit to the beach)

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Over at Love is the Best Medicine, I’m talking about fantasy houses for characters in books. (There’s a chance to win a free book, so do go over and comment.)

One of the reasons why I write realistic romance is that I’m inspired by the here and now – things around me spark off ideas. And every so often I have a yen for the beach. Particularly now, as my current Medical Romance is set on the Norfolk coast.

Went to Felbrigg, first, after a piteous plea from me to visit the church. I was after something in particular for my church book (still waiting to hear if that's resurrected or still on hold), and also to see the brasses. I particularly liked this brass.
And the 13th-century coffin lids.

After Felbrigg, we headed for Cromer. The sea was calm and the tide was out, so we ate ice cream while looking out at the pier. (I walked more than 10k steps, that day. I earned that ice cream.)
Then we did some poking about in the rock pools. (Yup, that's my lot. Disorderly and in their own little worlds until they spot something, and then whoever spots the interesting thing rounds up the others to take a look. Daughter was first to remove shoes. I was second. Son, third. DH went all lofty and sensible on us, reminding us we'd forgotten to bring a beach towel. Ha.)

I was also rather taken with this seagull - in the full-sized pic, I was pleased to see that the camera had frozen the waves without blurring it. The sea looked like glass. (But that's reminded me that I had intended to experiment with a longer shutter speed... hmm, but would need to do that on a tripod to get the effect I want.)

These are just snapshots. But in my head they go with sounds (the waves and the gulls), scents (sea air), tastes (no, not just the ice cream, though that was very nice. The salty tang of the air, I mean), and the feel of my feet against cool wet sand. And that will help me add just a little more depth to the current book. (Looks as if I was skiving off, I know: but it was absolutely, definitely work...)


Caroline said...

The photo's look like fun. I share your interest in glass. There are some lovely panes of glass at St David's Church at Pantasph's Franciscan Friary (north Wales).
BTW I wouldn't call it "skiving off" more re-filling the well. Doesn't the sea gull look like it's thinking "blimey this water's cold...." lol Take Care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

You always find the best places :) I love that you earned your ice cream lol! 10K steps!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thanks for the tip, will bear that in mind for next time I'm in that part of the country.

And yes, it was refilling the well. (Especially the ice cream...)

LOL on the seagull's thoughts. As it's the North Sea, you could well be right!!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - I'm lucky to live in a really gorgeous part of the UK. And the pedometer is going on holiday with me so I can earn treats (sounds a bit sad, but it takes away all the guilt and I can enjoy them).