Wednesday, July 01, 2009

happy July

Current work: revisions on MH fairground book
Listening to: Norah Jones
Reading: Sarah Mayberry, Anything for You (superb – I have a very soft spot for friends-to-lovers books and this was a particularly good one)
Happy July – and here’s this month’s calendar pic.

Actually, it reminds me very much of my part of the world: a lighthouse and the wide, wide skies of Norfolk. Though our skies currently don’t have any clouds at all, much less clouds that spell my name…

Lovely skivy day off with daughter yesterday. Basically we shopped and flopped. Oh, wait – I mean, we did admin and flopped.

En route to town, daughter insisted that we should play the Grease soundtrack really loudly and sing along to it. Great fun. Bought books: yessie, yessie, a new Louise Allen, a new Jill Shalvis AND a new Kelly Hunter as carrots for finishing my work this week – colour me happy – as well as a book for daughter that I might borrow when she’s finished as it’s a timeslip and looks good. Highly amused when she did the ‘I just can’t choose between these three books’ and gave me a pleading look – I would’ve been nice and bought all three BUT she’d already fleeced me for something in the shop opposite. (Sonkai. Saying no more on the grounds of not wanting to incriminate myself.) Also bought copies of Suffolk book so can dish out to family. (Sadly, no, authors do not get tons of free copies.)

Had lunch in the M&S café (Dad likes the mini coconut tarts from M&S, so the aforementioned lunch was actually part of errand-running) and an enforced trip to Hotel Chocolat. I was VERY good as I bought myself some gorgeous bright pink gerberas instead of a caloriefest; chocolate purchase was for son and daughter.

But then I had to face the car park machine. Which decided it didn’t like me. Not only did it refuse to take my money, it informed me that my ticket was blocked. The car park staff were nice and told me to go up to the kiosk at the exit and stick my hazard lights on, and they’d sort me out a new ticket. I hated blocking all the cars behind me, because I’m not selfish and antisocial – unlike the woman in front of me, who parked smack in the middle of BOTH the M&S ‘collect by car’ spaces because she couldn’t be bothered to park properly.

Nice visit to Dad; then picked up son from school and flopped a bit more in front of a fan to cool me down before hitting the revisions again. Too hot to work, though.

Plan for today: work. And enormous consumption of iced water with a slice of lime to stop me melting.


Olivia Ryan said...

What a nice day you had, Kate, for the Last of June. And thanks for the reminder to turn over my calendar! Can't believe it's July already ... and the long-awaited publication date of my new book tomorrow. Like you, I need to get down to some work today. Difficult in this heat - but oh boy, am I glad I don't have to commute or wear office clothes any more!

Biddy said...

Oooo having demolished both the Jill Shalvis and Louise Allan books, I can say that they were both great!

linda margaret said...


Happy 1st of July. Hope you are having a good day. It is Canada Day here. Just came back from the parade in the small seaside town my parents live in. The rain stopped long enough for the parade but the fog didn't lift. Hope it is not too foggy for the fireworks tonight. The only people enjoying the weather here are my brother and his family who normally live in Florida and come up here for the summer.


Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - it was just lovely. Happy publication day... and I know exactly what you mean about commuting and office dress. Very lucky!

Kate Hardy said...

Biddy - thanks for the recs!

Kate Hardy said...

Linda - happy (belated) Canada Day, and hope that the fireworks went well.