Thursday, July 23, 2009


Current work: Medical (and counting down to holiday – not feeling quite as rubbish as yesterday)
Listening to: Def Leppard, Slang
Reading: really looking forward to a readfest next week (and I’m talking about it on Saturday at the PHS)

Yesterday, woke up with a really bad headache (thank you, DH, for shutting our bedroom window so the room was stuffy… and so was my head) and my tried-and-tested coffee-and-paracetamol combo failed to shift it. Felt rubbish all day, but I’d promised to take the kids ten-pin bowling so I made myself do it.

And it was great fun. Son was delighted to get a strike. Daughter decided she was going to bowl without the help of the frame and did pretty well, getting a couple of spares. Me… well, I did manage a strike on my very last ball, but basically I’m rubbish at sports. If we're messing about, having fun, that's fine. I'll play, if you ask me to - but if you’re competitive and it's important to you that your team wins, then you’d be much better off putting me in charge of refreshments and leaving me to read in a shady corner. (Hmm: I’m having a bit of a lightbulb moment here… Oh, man, not now, when I have a screaming deadline and two days left!)


Jill said...

Ha! That is me all over. If people are competitive about anything, I tend to want to run in the other direction.

Lacey Devlin said...

I can't bowl. Darn ball likes the gutter. I think it does it on purpose :(. Hope your head clears ;)

Olivia Ryan said...

Totally agree about competitive sports and games! I have no interest, and annoy other people as I just want to mess around! I think that's why I took up swimming in middle age: it's something I can do, to keep fit, that doesn't involve competing with anyone else. And - I don't know if anyone else agrees - but in my case I know exactly where this aversion to competitive games came from: school games lessons. I was totally useless at sports, PE, games, the lot - and the shame of being one of the last ones to be picked by the team captains, almost every time, has never left me. Sadly, being good at English (my only saving grace) never had the kudos that 'Good At Games' had!