Thursday, July 02, 2009

busted – and happy publication day to Nina and Olivia

Current work: revisions on MH fairground book
Listening to: Norah Jones
Reading: Kelly Hunter, ‘Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate’ – I know I was saving this for a treat, but it was HOT last night and I was grumpy and deserved said treat. Great read – though, sigh, this was a setting I’d planned to use. (On ice for a couple of years, then… ) Really looking forward to the second in the duo.

Busted? DH doesn’t read my blog but he knows me rather too well. Gave me a grilling yesterday morning (while I was making his packed lunch, pah). ‘So what did you buy our daughter in town, then?’ A book and some pens. (Knowing smile from DH.) ‘Anything else?’ Oh, yeah, chocolate. Sorry. That was inhaled before you got home. ‘Anything else?’ (Uh-oh: he knows.) Went for innocence: What else would I buy? ‘How about a tortoise from Sonkai?’

Ah, yes. That. Not sure whether he spotted the receipt on my desk or whether he noticed daughter’s bracelet was a tiny bit fuller (do men REALLY notice these things? I think not), or both. So I confessed I’d bought one myself, too. But hey, it’s my money and I earned it. (This is why we have a joint account for bills and separate accounts for everything else. Saves rows over money.) And it’s the first one I’ve bought for months. Teal green glass, and it’s lovely.

Son has an inset day today. It’s also meant to be the hottest day of the year (and storms are forecast for Friday). We’re going into town this morning and buying a laptop, if John Lewis has the one I want in stock (if not, will order online), and then I am going to be Bad Mummy and let him play Peggle for a couple of hours while I work.

Righty, on to the really good stuff. Publication day.

Happy debut publication day to my mate Nina Harrington, with her Harlequin Romance ‘Always a Bridesmaid’ (it’s a lovely story and I really enjoyed it). Do go over to her blog and congratulate her.

And happy publication day to my friend (and fellow Essex girl) Olivia Ryan – do go over to her blog and wish her luck with the publication of Tales from a Honeymoon Hotel.

Both of them are showcased on the new Romantic Novelists' Assocation's blog where you can see this month's new releases by members. (I'm so proud to be part of such a talented bunch!)


Olivia Ryan said...

Thank you so much, Kate, for your best wishes! And yes - the new RNA blog is great, isn't it!

Kelly Hunter said...

I loved working that setting, Kate, and I'm now of the FIRM opinion that I want to read a Kate Hardy story set there too.

The vineyard next door is free. Interconnecting underground storage caves and everything...

Nicola Cornick said...

LOL, Kate! So funny about the tortoise - men NEVER usually notice things, do they, but just occasionally... Teal green glass sounds absolutely lovely.

Shirley Wells said...

He noticed? Oh my! Well, you deserve a treat having to contend with this heat.

Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - my pleasure! And yes, the blog is fab. Liz has done a superb job.

Kate Hardy said...

Kelly - that an offer? ;o)

Kate Hardy said...

Nicola - he seems to notice the bracelet and the Radley handbags, for some reason. But he hasn't worked out my TBR system, luckily for me!

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - I have a sneaking suspicion that it was shown off by someone who was very pleased with her tortoise :o)

In some respects, the treat was a bad idea. Tempted Fate to give me the kind of week where I needed a treat to keep me going. Lesson, there: wait instead of acting on impulse!