Tuesday, July 07, 2009

blast from the past

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Just discovered that my very first medical romance – A Baby of Her Own – was released (? maybe that's re-released) last month in France.

I have very fond memories of that book. The excitement of my very first book launch at Ottakar’s, in November 2002, in the middle of a howling gale, just after my daughter's second birthday. The fact that I’d been so excited about the launch that I’d forgotten to do the weekly shop (ohh, the dark days before online grocery shopping – am exceptionally glad that Sainsbury’s takes that particular chore away now), so when lovely Sophie Weston (who’d come down from London to support me and was stuck because of the trains) came to stay for the night, I had to feed her fish and chips because there was nothing in the cupboards. (For someone who likes cooking and is good at it, that’s seriously shameful!)

Those were the days. And now I’m writing my 29th medical romance. My 41st M&B. Seven years later. That’s scary.

My radio inteview yesterday took place here, in one of my favourite buildings in Norwich.

This is the inside of the Forum; on the ground floor there's an excellent coffee bar, a shop that sells lots of my local history books and some gorgeous glass, and the entrance to the BBC. They often have exhibitions and farmers' markets/sales here - currently there's an art exhibition. Next floor up (top of the steps) is the actual BBC studios and the main area of the library, plus one of the best pizza places in Norwich. Next floor up (looks like louvred glass panels) is the area where I spend quite a lot of time: the local studies department.

Anyway, it was a bit of a disaster beforehand. The copy of my book hadn't turned up at BBC Suffolk, they tried to get a copy in the local bookshops but they'd all sold out (hmm - that's sort of good - and it was also in the Jarrolds bestseller chart this week) and when I went to the room we'd booked to do the interview (via ISDN line) I saw this above the door.

Yup, double-booked. But the lovely team at BBC Norfolk came to the rescue and set it up for me in one of the studios. Had a lovely chat with Lesley Dolphin and shared some of my favourite stories from the Suffolk Ghosts and Legends (the dragons at Wormingford and Orford, trial by combat for cowardice linked with Haughley Castle, and Maude Carew, murder and ghosts in Bury St Edmunds).

Plan for today: have cancelled guitar and also am not seeing Dad today (yes, it’s mean of me, but I did give up Friday for him and I need some of that time back now). Head down and working.

Am feeling a bit mournful this week (partly because of tomorrow - when I see my local best friend for the last time before she moves a good two hours away; and partly because I'm not going to the RNA conference this weekend and I'll miss seeing friends; and partly because I haven't had a good night's sleep for a week, thanks to the intense stickiness). No biscuits in the huose, which is just as well. Time to stop being a slacker, sort the kids out for school and then BICHOK.


Liz Fielding said...

What's scary, Kate, is how many books you've written in SEVEN years!!!

You are a one woman book machine. :)

But I do know how lovely it is when early books emerge in reprint. Enjoy.

Liz -- BICHOK'ing on the other side of the country.

Katie said...

I think I'm doing fairly well at keeping up with your books as they are released!
Unfortunately I don't have them all on my shelves though - some of the earlier ones I've borrowed from the library.
I'm currently reading Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion which is good so far - looking forward to finding out a bit more about Luke as the story goes on...

linda margaret said...


I remember reading your first book back in 2002 and afterwards made an attempt to get your subsequent releases. I think I'm missing a couple of Modern Heats that didn't make it to NA other than that I have kept up. I wish my French was better, it would be fun to read A Baby of Her Own again in French but alas I would not get too far.

Cheers, you continue to be amazing


Lacey Devlin said...

Oh my gosh I was still mooning over the numbers before I read Liz's comment! SEVEN years! Wow!

What a gorgeous building! I'm a little envious there's nothing like that here... :) I briefly entertained the thought of packing it onto the back of trucks and moving it... hmmm...

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - mmm, I'm not going to live down the "Scary Kate" nickname, am I?

Hope your BICHOKing went well.

Kate Hardy said...

Katie - thank you so much! And I'm glad you're enjoying Luke's story. (Watch out for my dog's bit part...)

Kate Hardy said...

Linda - thank you, too. It's really nice to know that you're enjoying my books. Some of the MHs haven't been out in NA yet, but they may well do in the future.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - umm, yes, the numbers are... (squirms)

The Forum is actally a pretty new building - and it's bordered by a 15th-century church, an assembly hall that dates back in parts to the 13th century, the modern theatre, and the city hall (1930s). I could go on at length here but will shut up! Many people hated the building and said it was out of keeping, but I love it. It's full of light; and is probably my second favourite place in the city. (Top is the cathedral - which is also full of light.)