Monday, July 20, 2009

new cover – and MEN (growl)

Current work: Medical (and counting down to holiday)
Listening to: Def Leppard (haven’t played them for ages – have forgotten how much I always liked them)
Reading: next on TBR

Was delighted to discover two new things this weekend. Firstly, the cover for the Northern Lights book, Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress.

I had hoped for the Northern Lights on the cover; however, this has lots of glass in it and to me it has the ‘feel’ of Nordic design. Amazon has changed the format of its book covers, so unfortunately this is the only size I can use until I get hold of a physical copy and scan it in, because the larger Amazon cover is now a zoomable image rather than a jpg. (If you want to see it, click here…)

Secondly, DH ignored my ‘do not disturb’ notice on Saturday and walked in waving the EDP. Was about to growl at him (not seeing any evidence of chocolate to make up for said interruption) when he informed me, ‘You’re number one in the charts again, with Norfolk Miscellany.’ So that was lovely, too. Especially as I’d ripped out a big chunk of the new book on Saturday morning and was feeling a bit panicky about my wordcount, hence in need of a bit of anti-crow stuff.

However, DH lost all brownie points on Sunday morning. Let’s just say that if you decide to take the pipes under the sink apart to clean the traps, and said pipework is on the complicated side, you need to make notes of what you do and in which order, so you can put it back together again…

I’ll probably be able to laugh about this after my deadline, but yesterday I was pretty cross because it was such a time-waste.

Why do men have this obsession with being good at DIY? It really doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it. Everyone has different strengths, so why not play to them and work round your weaknesses – i.e. pay other people to do the things you can’t? But men… no. Male pride (usually completely misplaced) gets in the way and common sense disappears. (Hmm. This is book fodder, isn’t it?) Anyway, after a brief fight over male stupidity and pride (!), I did the sensible thing and rang our lovely builder, who sorted it out for us.

Plan for today: into town with the kids, to pick up bits for the holiday; see Ice Age 3 (3D version); have lunch; and then be Bad Mummy and let them play on the X-box while I work.

Oh, and I’ve found the book’s ‘conflict song’. Here’s a link to the acoustic version at YouTube from way back in 1995. Actually, there are a lot of songs from this particular set on YouTube and they’re wonderful. Great sound. I would’ve LOVED to be at that gig. (I’ve had a thing about Joe Elliott since I was in my early teens - and he looks particularly gorgeous in this set. Sigh. Definitely a potential Kate Hardy hero, except my ed would give him a haircut in revisions. Hmm. Won't work in the duo as the next two heroes are lawyers, but he will work in another book...)


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that cover - the hero is seriously delicious and the title has all of the hooks a girl could need! I can see it flying off the shelves.
Many congrats on the Norfolk Miscellany. No crows around here. Oh no.. LOL

Susan Rix said...

Congrats on the EDP.

Great cover for new Modern Heat. Grr at Amazon's new format though.

You have one of those men too? Suffice to say I've changed my mind for a conservatory lean-to addition to our home because a certain somebody wants to d-i-y it!

Susan Rix said...

ooh, *waves* to Nina! xx

Shirley Wells said...

I love that cover. Just gorgeous.

Congrats on being No. 1 with Norfolk Miscellany.

As for men .... aargh. Mine is pretty good at DIY, but the mess he makes is unbelievable. Questions like 'Why didn't you cover that ... or why didn't you use a dust sheet?' get a blank look and a 'I didn't think...' response. Easy not to think when you don't have to clear it up, I suppose. Grr.

Liz Fielding said...

Great cover and # 1 and you expect sympathy about pipes?

Actually, you have got it in spades. I am so with you on the DIY thing.

We had a three waylight switch that the dh took apart to replace with a new finger plate. It was three years before we found someone to put it back together again. Electricians do not come out for fingerplates... :)

Lacey Devlin said...

What a gorgeous cover! I would like a room like that thank you :)

I'd love your builder too I would have been pipeless for days :(

Kate Hardy said...

I could've SWORN I'd replied to all these comments. Sorry for being so remiss!

Nina - I'm really pleased with the cover. It's pretty. And hope your crows go away.

Sue - thank you. And I can see exactly why you changed your mind *g* Mine is never, ever allowed to touch the pipes again!

Shirley - mmm, I know that one, too (except we don't have the good DIY skills as a sweetener...).

Liz - mmm, I can imagine mine doing that.

Lacey - we were just lucky that he was at home, painting a wall, and was prepared to nip down the road to us :o) And that is a lovely room, isn't it? (Wonder what I'm going to get for my steam fairground?)