Friday, July 24, 2009

angels and AWOL

Current work: Medical
Listening to: Einaudi, Divenire
Reading: really looking forward to a readfest next week (and I’m talking about it tomorrow at the PHS)

Errand-running day yesterday. Paid for my stained glass course and visited the museum – it was LOVELY to see inside St Peter Hungate again after all these years of it being closed. I was very impressed with this angel (exactly the kind of costumes they would’ve used in the mystery plays - including the feathery trousers).

And I’d forgotten that the angels in the roof were gilded. Very impressive. (This church was rebuilt by John and Margaret Paston, of the 'letters' fame.)

Here's a closeup: utterly beautiful.

Also picked up tickets for Victoria Connelly’s book launch for Molly’s Millions; nipped into M&S to buy lunch and dinner for tonight and tomorrow (yes, am being grossly lazy – but I want the fridge empty on Saturday morning); and the kids chilled out in the afternoon while I worked.
Will admit I was a teensy bit naughty and did a couple of online puzzles – had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Puzzler website. Resdicovered it last week and I know it’s deeply sad of me but I was rather chuffed to be top of the league for Codeword - managed it this week, too. This is work-related as I use puzzles as a kind of mental barometer. I know how long it takes me to do a logic problem - so if I can't do it within that time, I know I'm not on top form mentally (usually means I'm going down with something and/or need time off) and it'd pay to do admin-type stuff rather than something that needs a lot of creativity.

Plans for today: packing, making CD compilations for the car, taking Kleptodog to kennels (it’s too far for him to come with us – his holiday home is excellent and he will have a good time... once he stops sulking), and making sure that we have bottles of water and reasonably healthy munchies for the car.

Was hilarious last night when daughter sat DH down and explained that, as it’s a four-hour trip to Sussex, she thinks we should have four different CDs in the car on the way. One should be her choice, one her brother’s, one my choice and one his. ‘Because there are four of us and that’s fair. And because it’s your car and there are six CD slots, you can have the two extra ones. Except not Terry Emms because that’s terrible and I can’t believe you made Mum buy it for you.’ (I had to leave the room at that point.)

This was all her own idea (and she was terribly proud of it) but DH collared me afterwards. ‘Why is it that I can hear you talking when she speaks?’ Becau-au-ause her mind works exactly like mine. Haven’t you noticed that she’s always got her nose in a book or a pen in her hand? (Cue seriously evil grin from me.) Just imagine what it’ll be like when we both have PMT at the same time, during her teens… (Cue mutters from DH: ‘I’m going to live in the shed. And how many CDs have you bought this week?’ Hmm. Clearly having an untidy desk is not the way to mask the fact that I had a teensy CD bender this week.)

Am going completely AWOL now and keeping fingers crossed that there are no emergency calls. (One week off. Is it that much to ask?)

Back next week with pics and stories, after exploring bits of West Sussex. Have a lovely week – I certainly intend to!


Jan Jones said...

Enjoy yourself, hon. You're allowed to write down lightbulb moments - but NO WORK OTHERWISE!

Nell Dixon said...

Have a wonderful and well earned rest. Mr Nell always says he's going to move into our touring caravan with our three girls.

Diane said...

Have a lovely break.

linda margaret said...


Have a fabulous week off. Relax, enjoy yourself. You deserve every minute of it.


Lacey Devlin said...

Ha! Better clean the shed out ;) Such a shame he's so intelligent you would have been able to get away with those CDs...

Olivia Ryan said...

I'm probably too late - sorry - but hope you have a lovely time! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

And I did laugh about your daughter - and the thing about the possibility of you both having PMT at the same time. We've got 3 daughters, and when they were all teenagers living at home, the house was so full of raging female hormones, my poor husband must have felt like he was living on an alien planet! Although - to be fair - he also grew up as the only boy with 3 sisters. So he should have been used to it!

Lori x said...

HAve a great holiday KAte, relax and have fun!
We've just returned from West Sussex (worthing) and the traffic waas hoorendous! I hope you managed to avoid it, what should have been a 3 - 31/2 hour trip took nearly 5 hours! It was worth it though to see my mum and sisters and neices and nephews. And we stopped in Southampton first to see my brother and my brand new baby nephew!
Have to say I'm glad to be out of the car now!