Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sex and chocolate

Current work: admin and Modern Heat (I will get time to work, I will, I will – had a decent night’s sleep last night so am not a complete zombie as I was yesterday)
Listening to: Kathryn Williams
Reading: Kate Harrison, The Secret Shopper’s Revenge (this is a sheer joy of a book – other one wasn’t my cuppa tea and I’d rather spend my precious reading time on something I do enjoy reading. Interestingly, both are first person. But Kate’s book has characterisation that really grabbed me and kept me reading until I was too tired to keep my eyes open.)

Following on from yesterday’s post – one of my fellow guests on BBC Radio Norfolk last week was Angela Ruthven, founder of Saffire chocolates. I said the samples were gorgeous. I didn’t say HOW gorgeous. The white chocolate and lavender one was scrummy. Ditto the coffee and vanilla one. And the praline one. And… Oh, let’s just say these are better than Hotel Chocolat, in my opinion (and regular readers/personal friends know these are my big weakness). Delia Smith recommends them. These are SERIOUSLY good chocolates.

I have a feeling that I will have to write a chocolatier heroine and go and spend some time shadowing Angela. (As well as my radio book. Dear lovely editor, if you’re reading this… big hint… will send you choccies…)

Angela also told me about Aero Man. Now, I don’t like Nestlé chocolate (it’s the texture) but she told me to check out the ad. That my readers would like it.

So I did.

And here, for your delectation, is Aero Man.

Enjoy. (But take my advice and get some decent chocolate to go with the totty view. Saffire, Hotel Chocolat, Green & Black’s or Lindor.)


Melissa Marsh said...

OOOOH. Chocolate. I can't wait to have some good Cadbury chocolate when I go to England. But I'll have to try out all these other kinds, too!

Right now I'm addicted to Dove Dark Chocolate. Off to have one now...

Jan Jones said...

Now I could be seriously addicted to him...